Hat For A Lady With A Car

One of the problems women drivers – what to wear? On the one hand want to make a harmonious ensemble with its own car, be beautiful and glamorous, but on the other hand are considerations of convenience. Especially problematic footwear and headgear. They are able to turn completely innocuous traffic situation in the extreme. Head – this is something that can help behind the wheel, and maybe prevent it. When it comes to domestic content, uniquely – can help. But here's the outer There are various options.

I do not know about you, but I've always liked hats. You know, a sort of in the style of the xix century with huge margins. I thought, I think, and I will assume that such a hat – it is a higher achievement of fashion. But behind the wheel in a hat to sit in the car – and then the problem is. They are designed for coaches, carriages, drawn by a pair, or even six horses with plumes and ribbons in its mane. But a car with its low door trying to knock a hat. But in practice, one may learn to sit in the car so as to restrain the hat on his head.

This is when to sit in the back seat. From the driver's seat is somewhat different matter. Head the driver must rotate freely, the hat should not turn a blind review, and indeed – in no way interfere with the process of governance.

The Relationship

This starts the process of self-acceptance and resignation. It hurts, but it is not appropriate to continue living next to this couple. And from there begin a process of understanding of our tortured relationship with a friend: What makes me happy in this relationship? What makes me so unhappy with this couple? What are those areas in which my partner has betrayed the relationship? Yes all the time I stay in pain, what I want with this couple? Is the relationship with this couple leads to the growth me or playing the feelings that I am ashamed of me? No doubt we fell in love a person who was not at the start of the relationship some patterns of behavior insensitive or hurtful. Over the life together we realized the destructive power of the relationship. And I say of the relationship, because in these destructive patterns, we are also working to happen. But how? I always thought my partner was responsible for everything. Assisting or participating: giving, forgiving, ignoring behavior, insults, provocative, challenging or perhaps, just silence. Accept the need to spread love to the other, it is not easy, is a process as painful as staying in the relationship.

But obviously, the other has not shown signs of appreciation or my love or my values or my person. Is it worthwhile to continue to love this bad love? When the couple has betrayed what I appreciate most. It's time to leave that relationship. Her loving ways and means are not reliable.

Color Varieties Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

Pyrenees – Dogs white color. But among other white European breeds (Kuvasz, Maremma, podgalyanki etc.) Pyrenean mountain dog distinguished by having a colored markings. This – their sparkle, decoration, extra touch to the portrait. Markings are usually on the head in the form of glasses or masks, and at the root of the tail. Several small spots may be scattered on the body, covering no more than one-third of the body surface Pyrenean mountain dog. Classic and, in my opinion, the most beautiful spots of color – the so-called "badger".

This rich color is obtained when the coat is made up of hairs white, black and yellow flowers, growing interspersed. Depending on the predominance of a particular color, the spots may be light or dark, pale or bright, giving individuality Iberian "customers". If there are no hairs red color, the color will be gray spots, "wolf." When the absence of black hairs spots are beige or sand. Sometimes born Pyrenean mountain dogs with absolutely no markings. Unfortunately, in recent years, there was the fashion for the Pyrenean mountain dogs, clean white color.

Buyers prefer the white puppy, willing to pay for it, often ignoring other features of its exterior. But pure white color of the dog carries with it certain disadvantages. First and foremost, it is attenuated pigmentation on nose, lips and eyelids. I colored dogs pigmentation is much better! Pitch-black noses, eye rims bright and dark eyelashes give dog-faced texture and expressiveness. A muzzles without markings, bad pigmented, look, "blond".

Employer Workers

Fire in such cases should be directly at the exit of the employee to work after a vacation or sick days. If an employee is dismissed in violation of this requirement law, that such termination would be unlawful. With the written consent of the employee the employer has the right to terminate the employment contract before the expiration of two months by paying the employee an additional compensation in the amount of average earnings for the time remaining until expiration of notice. After the expiration of two months to prevent employee is dismissed by order, to which the workers are familiar under the painting. On the last day of the employer must give the employee work record (as per records of dismissal), other documents related to work and make final payment to the employee. Employer must be remembered that the forthcoming reduction in addition to the employee must inform the elected body of primary trade union organization, not later than two months prior to the relevant activities, and if the decision to reduce the number of workers or staff may result in multiple firing of workers – not later than three months before the start of the event. If the organization of elected trade union body is not, the employer has the right to initiate measures to reduce the number of workers or staff (ie, to warn employees about the impending dismissals), immediately after the relevant rulings of the workers to be dismissed. On the decision to reduce staff employer must also notify the local employment service offices.