It was the happy proprietor of an car during some months, until its husband to find that already she was in the hour to finish with the devaneio of the woman. It vendeu Lara, all good. Lara did not complain, to keep to all the facts in the drawers of the memory. Later it was the time of the covering of Lara that was vendida. It almost was to madness and disassembled everything crying.

A river of tears cried, was obliged to provide the alone change, without physical support, sentimental or moral. Lara already was accustomed. It arrived at the following conclusion: that it does not have skin, has leather, and tanned well. It has little time walked feeling in air a pressure to vender the house of the city. This it not vende! The following conclusion arrived: it arrives of being connivent with the madness of the others. Lara knows that its husband does not become attached the nothing. It is a being of Aquarium that is above of the good and the evil and the unattachable one. He is the man of the future, is not partisan to make concessions.

Therefore if the predictive traditions say that the age of Aquarium is of justice, the fraternity and interchanges spiritual, it think that she is prophet. She is a rebel who has necessity to act its will in accordance with. Lara what it thinks? Lara knows that if they are together until the present was not due to effort of its husband in if exempting of it, therefore its husband opened it all the doors and windows so that it could leave. He would be so simple, Lara he has left the marriage, he could go to live the life, therefore still it was young pretty e. the children? However, the children always arrange themselves, exactly being without foundations.


Consumerism X Profits the affection bows stops with the next one, as well as the concern with the environment, is placed in a secondary scale in the life of the individual. Doubtlessly fruit of the exacerbado consumerism. Outrossim, since the Industrial Revolution from century XVIII, with the great urban agglomeration, generated for the search of the work. The wild consumption is not configured as an endorsement. In way that, servant stops: to supply desires, to long for the autoafirmao is to guarantee full ' ' status' ' in way the society. On the other hand, while many are worried about good substances, packings, boxes and objects. We have a parcel of the population that suffers for the exploration of the work, without one gide, passing for a true destruction. Unhappyly the consumerism aflinge also less the most favored, even so the ones that adhere to this sad ' ' doena' ' , also it suffers with its consequences.

In contrast with already cited, another promiscuous factor caused by the consumerism, it would be guided for problematic of the environment, that also is affected by this badly. The destination of the garbage in the majority of the cases is restrained in: strip of land, poured in rivers is played in our ciliares bushes. A facndia to at risk place all viability of the species of life in the Land. Destarte, we can notice that with population increase the globalization, industry, media among others; They are vehicles for adhesion to the consumerism, that does not bring benefit for the individual. Generating serious problems of sum, inhibiting: depression, exploration of the work and the environment as well as the lack of love with the next one.