Federal District

Some of the many happened initiatives of the social environment are, without a doubt, thing to enter for the history of the humanity. The insatisfao of the people is serious thing e, therefore, it always must be questioned so that the reason of the insatisfao is inquired. Of this form, what it is discovered as impostures of people who are in the power must be punished with justice so that the people is not in the enganao. It is of if knowing that the episode with the governor of the Federal District only had the evidenced consequences, until here, for initiative of the OAB to consider to Office of the attorney general-Generality of the Republic that judicially pled the removal of the governor and its preventive custody in result of its presumption envolvement in the facts investigated in the call Operation Box of Pandora. It is important to point out that when has lawsuits of the transport registered with the governor of the Federal District, somebody has that to postar itself as leader of the people. At these misty moments she is necessary that the people know as to act; as to facilitate so that justice either practised with requintes of they promote the social welfare.

For in such a way, these initiatives must be taken by social entities, organizations and or same types. In the case, here above-mentioned, the OAB was the protagonist of the will of the people. The growth and matureness of the people, in questions of excellent importance for the ways of the society, start for attitudes that assure the collective good, therefore, the initiative of the OAB in considering a more forceful participation on the part of Office of the attorney general-Generality of the Republic, does not have only to be applauded, but yes considered as landmark in our history. The necessary people of protection and this, without a doubt, can be offered by the good ones prstimos of the OAB.

Rwandese Patriotic Army

Justus Majyambere would have left Rwanda for days with the purpose of to realise in the USA some type of company of related to the military intelligence, extreme that has not been confirmed. Lawyer Jordi Palou, representative of the nine Spanish victims whose slaughters in Rwanda and the Congo investigate magistrate Andreu, thinks that the Rwandese traveled convinced that " he was not going to pass nada&quot to him; , dices the antecedents. One week ago, however, they jumped the alert and the National Hearing warned Palou, among others, of the accidental halting of this member of the Rwandese Patriotic Army (APR), led by president of Rwanda Paul Kagame. Request for extradition judge Andreu and INTERPOL Spain already has confirmed the identity of the prisoner and now they hope to that she gives it to the United States to the Spanish authorities to be able to initiate the process of extradition, that she would have to solicit, at the request of the magistrate, the Cabinet and to attend the Ministry of Exteriors contacting with the Department of American State. Palou thinks that the Spanish Government will make the proceedings necessary, since it is a subject that " directa&quot does rrencia; to the death of three Spanish citizens and because Majyambere was " inferior jerrquico" of Kayumba Nyamwasa, on which South Africa follows without notifying to day of today. There is no term so that The United States is pronounced although, if it does not do it, Palou explains that as much the families of the victims like the plaintiffs in the process, the Forum the International for the Truth and Justice in the Africa of the Great Lakes, will come to formally request to the embassy of the USA in Spain an answer and will insist to the Congress of the Deputies to that requests explanations.

Who is Justus Majyambere? captain Justus Majyambere was in 1997 an official of intelligence of brigade 408 of the Rwandese Patriotic Army, according to consists in the indictment of judge Andreu. A protected witness declared during the carried out investigation by the judge who the military man directed a fast pay service group and planned the strategy of operations that gave rise to the systematic murders of thousand civilians hutus in the Rwandese region of Ruhengeri and its environs (Gisenyi and Cyangugu). The three cooperators of Doctors of the world, M Flors Sirera, Manuel Madarazo and Luis Valtuea, knew of the massacres by the information that it provided a witness to them and they appeared to give medical aid. From that moment, they became an obstacle for the plans of the APR, that seted out then, according to the car, to force the international abandonment of NGO and other observers " of the northeast zone of Rwanda as well as the border zone with the then Zaire" in order to continue the attacks in the present Congo and in addition to come to the looting of resources like the Coltn. The decision to assassinate the Spaniards took the four military, among them Kayumba Nyamwasa, and they put in practice, designating executors, other two, among them Justus Majyambere. They realised, in addition, " an attack in cascada" to three NGOs to also conceal the slaughters and for " to generally terrify to emigrated and the population " . After that one, all the organizations and offices of United Nations fell back towards Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Source of the news: The USA maintains prisoner to a Rwandese military man demanded to assassinate three Spaniards

Social Matter and Market of Work

One of the main factors of the unemployment inhabits in the adopted paradigm to deal with the social matter, being the fruit a set of problems politicians, generated for the process of accumulation of the capital, firming as one of the aspects central offices of the social matter nowadays, the unreliability of the worker, the magnifying of the unemployment and the precarious form that the exculpatory globalization submits the ones that is outside of the work market. Thus being, it is a question that demands ordinary shares of the actors who work with the social matters in the direction to fortify the capacity of joint and influence of the collective ones of the workers, therefore such disorganizations in the social politics, the neutral look of the governing and the lack of legitimacy of the unions in relation to the worker, reaches the work market directly contributing for the high levels of the unemployment. Considering that the market regulates the social matters, the economic processes and politicians of the Country, do not have that to say itself in autonomy of the individual, therefore simply autonomy does not exist when the system defines the production and reproduction of the vision of the world and man that is atrelado to the changes of the proper capitalist society. The dbio paper of social individual and citizen if confuses, and keeps the conflict of the capitalist incorporation that associates the concept of citizen to the fact of the person is of certain enclosed form in the work market. The professional market of work suffers to impacts right-handers from these transformations operated in the dynamics of the empregabilidade that demands each time more the continuous qualification of the worker and its understanding of the being one individual determined social classroom and citizen of all. The search for the production and the maintenance of the empregabilidade and the stability of the social matters, had developed methods and forms to understand the social systems of the world and to search a remedio of the diligent classrooms and inaqualities front to the necessity of a public insurance that kept the balance of sustentation of the State and its interests next to the private stock market, keeping ' ' solidariedade' ' for the social one, but aiming at a strong development of the productive forces, in contradiction with the old unilateral politics of the perspective to constitute a way to generate superproduction, associated with the superaccumulation. It is easy to understand that in this period of modification of the workmanship hand, professional qualification and the hand of the State through ' ' stock markets sociais' ' , they are born to the conception that while it will have social inaquality, will necessarily have the intervention of the State with politics of repairing for that more they need, in benefit of the social matters and of capital. However, the bourgeois greed always anger to react to the movements of the State in the implementation of the social politics, therefore is a question of the fight of classrooms.