Now Movement Light

“Route of the illumination in the Westfalen Park when the darkness about Dortmund lowers, the lights go on 28 November at the Westfalen Park: thousands of lights, countless lights and atmospheric projections again provide the spectacular winter lights”, which already goes into the fourth round in Dortmund, Germany. One of many innovations this year: the two organizers Reinhard Hartleif and Wolfgang Flammersfeld (F & H event company, Unna) bring movement to your event. For five weeks (28.11.09-3.1.10) the Westfalen Park shines again in a graceful gloss. Wolfgang Flammersfeld shows trees, bushes, lakes, paths and streams in light and forms them into a backdrop. The Emperor Grove becomes a fairy tale forest, the rose garden appears as a Blue Lagoon, the quarry is transformed into a puppet theatre and the fence at the Bush mill mutates to mention the stairway to heaven to just a few of the scenarios. Illumination expert Faris relies on movement”this year.

He uses light changer, which slowly from one colour to the next fade. Also some of the light installations and illuminated objects revolve. Visitors should also come in motion. To different participatory actions lining the paths: Kaleidoscope, shadow play walls, a pedal organ, phosphorus panels that light a handprint and a concrete slab, which you can see through, are some of these interactive modules. Visitors are listed for the first time targeted a route of illumination of a highlight to the next. New is also the color thematic order that Faris has assigned certain areas.

The Creek between Emperor Grove and mill with Bush to pull like a blue band of light through the Park. Faris uses the Florian Street 100 meters glistening green spot for a light wall”a. The plans are available. “Now Wolfgang Flammersfeld trembles against the moment when he finally tosses the switch in the Westfalenpark and can say: Let there be light!” Winter lights: 28.11.09-3.1.10, Sun Thu 17: 00-20:00, Fri Sat 17: 00-22:00. Don’t miss: daily from 17 Watch: children’s tales, then fairy tales for adult 6.12: Nicholas comes 12.12. staging of Fireworks with music and light entry: Mon-Thu: 3.00 p. p. from 12 years; Fri Sun: 5.00 p. p. from 12 years old children under 6 years free. Children from 6-11 years 1.00 (Park admission). Annual pass holders have free admission (except for special events and on December 13, 2008). Entrance Fireworks December 12, 2009: 8.00 p. P.

Civil Engineering Forums 2013 In Neu-Ulm And Leipzig

Industry meeting again a resounding success Frankfurt am Main March 15, 2013. The year’s civil engineering forums were a huge success again. The Organizer, the Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD), was very satisfied, the response of exhibitors and visitors was unanimously positive: 2014 also want all again be. The civil engineering specialists, IBA Halberg, sleeve, Schulte Tiefbautechnik trading and Raab Karcher, invited to the traditional industry gathering at the beginning of the year. The event offer included high-profile presentations and an exhibition of renowned suppliers and industrial partners. 2,000 Trade visitors, including experts from municipalities and associations, engineering offices, planners, architects, supply, disposal and civil engineering company and low -, road, garden and landscape designers, accepted the invitation.

11 Civil Engineering Forum in Neu-Ulm-the Civil Engineering Forum in Neu-Ulm was held this year for the 11th time. On 24 January 2013, 60 renowned industry companies exhibited in the Edwin-Scharff House 32 lectures formed the program of the Forum, the this “Year theme focuses on waste management and surface” set. “The guest lecture science in space”, the former space driver Dr. rer. NAT. Ulf Merbold, who in 1983 was 2nd German at all, was the highlight of the event. Ulf Merbold appealed to deal carefully with the resources on the Earth.

“Civil Engineering Forum 2013 in Leipzig under the main topic of disposal, supply and surface” the civil forum was held on February 13th at the Congress Center Messe Leipzig 2013. 90 prestigious industrial companies presenting innovative product solutions and services. “22 Lectures were held, including Verheizen we our climate?”the guest speakers Professor Mojib Latif, meteorologist, climatologist and Professor and the new VOB 2009 what has changed?”, by architect Dipl.-ing. Ulf Saha, City Council of Leipzig.” Especially great interest of visitors, Detlef also were laying of large-format panels”by Alexander Eichler, tech. Business Manager/certified engineer of the “Lithonplus GmbH & co.

Windows Diskeeper

Adrian McGarry: “we use many applications of the current versions of Microsoft and Adobe products, as well as little-known software for curriculum instruction and knowledge acquisition. “We use IBM server X series IBM DSR SAN of for volumes of the size of 2 TB on Windows systems with 32-bit and 64-bit.” He commented further: “oversized volumes up to end-user desktops the power reduction was due to the high fragmentation that we experienced crippling!” The registered trade charity, which operates two independent schools, found a solution in Diskeeper and summed up as follows: “Diskeeper Corporation offers us a complete solution with centrally-deployed products to our entire servers, storage solutions and desktops to cover. Solutions such as spontaneous IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention up to the handling of large volumes of Titan defrag engine have improved performance and productivity across the enterprise.” The technology Titan defrag engine(tm) Diskeeper Enterprise Server is the most powerful defrag engine ever developed and surpasses even the previous technology leader – technology terabyte volume engine(R). Titan was designed for the largest ever data volume and can settle quickly volumes up to 20 terabytes, and more. But even if your volumes are smaller, Titan defrag engine is ideal for mission-critical servers that require all day via instant online defragmentation.

About Diskeeper Corporation – Microsoft Gold partner innovators in performance and reliability technologies(R): CIOs, IT managers, and system administrators of company the “global Fortune 1000” and “Forbes 500”, set to the performance software by Diskeeper(R) their business use Laptops to provide desktops and servers with an incomparable performance. So, the ground-breaking IntelliWrite(R)-Technologie, can be prevented with the help of their fragmentation includes Diskeeper 2010. The solution to the optimization of virtual platforms, V-locity(R) 2.0 for VMware ESX and Hyper-V, gives efficiency barriers out of the way – for absolute performance of virtual server. Diskeeper Corporation also provides data protection and data recovery in real time with the data recovery software undelete(R) ( The InvisiTasking(R) technology makes it possible to drain all the processes completely invisible in the background and thus draws the strength of otherwise unused, empty resources fully from ( (c) 2011 Diskeeper Corporation.

All rights reserved. Diskeeper V-locity, Undelete, InvisiTasking, IntelliWrite, terabyte volume engine Titan defrag engine, real time data protection and real time data recovery and innovators in performance and reliability technologies are trademarks of Diskeeper Corporation. All Property of their respective owners are other trademarks.


Eight employees of the Berlin dental practice KU64 treated children in South Africa KU64/01.03.2011 – the team of dentists, dental assistants, and a prevention specialist to dentists Dr. Stephan Ziegler is back. For seven days the staff of the Berlin dental practice KU64 in place the 160 km away from Cape Town had treated 100 volunteer students of an elementary school, as well as 60 adults need Paternoster Bay. 200 fillings, 120 extractions and countless sealants: This is the balance of this year’s mission, because after the first treatment Marathon 2009, this was the second visit of KU64 employees in Paternoster Bay – already, and the third is planned for January 2012 already. “Yes, a stated goal of the project is sustainability”, so dentist and KU64 owner Dr. Stephan Ziegler. “Eventually we want to here a valuable contribution to the long-term health of children in Paternoster Bay.

Accordingly are dentistry and prevention in our treatments in the first place? And so it was with the children also diligently correct tooth brushing practiced – because effective oral hygiene is also at this end of the world the best protection against caries and periodontal disease. That such an action only with the help of strong partners is possible, is obvious: the usage was supported in the WESTCOAST KIDS ( aid project by the nonprofit Laureate Foundation. Numerous partners from the dental sector have promoted commitment KU64 with generous donations including the Henry Bill dental Depot, the MIP GmbH, the smile design dental laboratory, the VOCO GmbH, the company 3 M ESPE, Curaprox, Onedroponly, CAMLOG, MIP, and Resorba and the Ivoclar Vivadent GmbH. But also non-medical companies, such as, for example, the trading plan AG, belong to the supporters of the action or the Strandloper sea Villas, which sponsored the 3 houses KU64, where the team of KU64 was housed during the entire period of treatment. For all those that get yourself a picture of the project and the work carried out in Paternoster Bay want to make an exhibition begins on the 28.03 in the dental practice at Kurfurstendamm 64 rooms with photos of young photographer Andrew Black, graduated from the Photoacademy of Udoh (Kurfurstendamm 170,), the KU64 team photographically has accompanied.

The vernissage will take place on the 27.03 at 19: 00. Its the dental specialists of KU64 committed in South Africa, also for children’s aid projects at the local level, E.g. for the Ark and the laughing hearts initiative, as well as for the children’s and youth departments of sports clubs Reinickendorfer Fuchse and Berlin rebels. In addition KU64 equips all schools and swimming pools in Berlin since December 2010 with SOS dental rescue boxes for the salvation and preservation of knocked out teeth.