Spiritual Plan

How many and how many and how many times we do not receive communications from irmozinhos of the Plan Spiritual, either for the psicofonia, the psicografia or any another method, messages these that contrarily what we think if incase very well for we ourselves and do not stop the others. How many times, in the function of orienting interviewers/we do not come across in them with internal situations, conflicts and problems of other brothers who are very similar to ours? How many is not the lectures where the subject to be presented by we ourselves is not incased perfectly to our proper necessity of learning? Thus it is the Esprita House, a study place and of learning to all its freqentadores, are they attended or entrepreneurs of the House. As all organization of people, the Esprita House demands organization (forgive for the redundancy in the words), but this organization must aim at the good functioning, the otimizao of the internal processes of the House, the excellent form of work and achievement of the objectives of the House simply. The primordial function, the focus, the main concern of the entrepreneur of the Esprita House is to serve. in serving how much we are not assisted, guided and attended for the Plan Biggest? Relationship fraterno and integral application of the love taught for the Christ, love this that it brings in its chemical formula elements such as respect, dignity, loyalty, goodness, complicity, understanding, generosity, agreement, charity etc. the Esprita House does not consist, therefore, in appropriate place to the personal preferences and friendships it criticizes, it, the exacerbao of the egos, nor neither to the applauses. He is not local for ' ' employees of ms' ' , exactly because he does not possess them, being all the entrepreneurs who develop its activities without any legal bond with the House, ' ' simplesmente' ' for the desire to serve to the next one, nor neither for ' ' desligamentos' '.

Contribution Health

Health insurance for retirees is often more expensive than thought health and long-term care insurance cost more often as a retired or other previously thought. The consultants of the VZ VermogensZentrums indicate this fact. Pensioners must pay not only on their emoluments from the statutory pension contributions to health and long-term care insurance. Also occupational pensions and one-off payments from direct insurance the funds collect contributions, as well on other income such as pensions or salaries of professional pension funds proportionally. The contribution assessment ceiling is 44,500 euros. Top of this income is free. In the general health insurance contribution rate of 15.5 per cent applies to retirees who are compulsorily insured in the health insurance of retirees (KVdR). The Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) retain 8.2 per cent of the pension and pays the remaining 7.3 per cent on the respective health insurance.

Contributions to the long-term care insurance must wear exclusively pensioners. The Contribution rate is at 1.95 percent, 2.2 percent for childless. Of a pension amounting to 1,500 euros, 1,348 euro remain after deducting the own contribution for the health insurance (8.2 percent, 123 euros) and of the contribution to the long-term care insurance (1.95 percent, 29 euros). The consultants of the VZ VermogensZentrums indicate that retirees who are insured in the KVdR, have the advantage of having to pay no contributions on income such as interest, rent and private annuities. Self-employed and freelancers do not come in this pleasure. Their contributions are calculated on the basis of income.

However, a reduced contribution rate of 14.9 per cent applies to income from rental and leasing as well as interest and annuities. Also compulsorily retired, exercising an independent activity of more than 18 hours per week, must pay contributions on the income from it. Especially in lump sum payments from pension or insurance payments may be high fall out. The Fund for ten years takes 1/120 of the paid sum as a monthly income to calculate the prorated amount contribution. When a withdrawal of 72,000 euros are 600 euros a month. Just 105 euro health and care insurance premium per month account for this.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is very beneficial part of life as the famous saying health is wealth, health is the most important asset we have. So, it is important to take proper care of your health.Although this is required in today’s fast paced life it is quite difficult, pay full attention to ones health. Irregular eating habits, long working hours, stress and hustle and bustle can easily attract disease. Therefore, it is important because ever it is, health insurance or medical insurance, a type of guarantee stipulates that in case of an accident or a sudden illness, it will take away the financial burden from you and take care of the cost of hospitalization and other costs incurred during treatment. If different types of health insurance plans, which take from various insurance companies you out difference between interest rates and coverage offered offered compare try. This is because, health insurance is a huge Category, which covers different kinds of treatments. Now, some insurance companies do not cover all types of treatments, while some companies, so reporting differs depending on the policies of the company.

What are the benefits of taking a health insurance? The immediate benefit of establishing a health insurance is the tax advantage you can enjoy under section 80 D of the income tax act. Don’t worry, if you don’t have sufficient money for the sudden hospitalization or surgery to pay. Their health insurance offers a cashless stationary plant. This facility is a great help, since man not to run to gather in the middle of the night to cash payments to large occurrence prior to admission. If a person gets all his medical costs be hospitalized for up to 30 days and covered 60 days after the hospitalization. Include costs of care, diagnostic and medical expenses, surgery, anesthesia costs, doctor on his own expense, and specialists fees, scanning, X-ray, ambulance cost, oxygen, operating costs and the cost of surgical equipment, room expenses, day care costs and similar expenses. There are only a few treatments, which are carried out by technological progress as outpatient, that is, you must not have longer Krankenhausaufenthalte.Diese treatments are taken under the health insurance companies.

If you are a not plaintiffs don’t think that your money is wasted.Enjoy not only the taxes from the income and services, according to section 80 d of the IT Act, but also receives your insurance amount, without any additional premium in the ways of increasing cumulative bonus. In addition you will be covered diagnosed medical conditions over the years. As accidents, natural disasters and sudden loss of health can happen to anyone, it makes sense, despite not claimed that in a given year, or for a number of years to stay insured. So health insurance has become a necessity in the today’s hectic life. Individuals do not get time to focus on their health, and this increases the chances of health problems. Health care has become very expensive, shall bear the fees of doctors and treatment costs. So it is advisable, in a proper health insurance plans, invest helps to reduce the burden of medical costs.

Construction Company Business

And authorities in some subjects of the Federation are considering the possibility of further development of the construction of budget accommodation, including through the reduction of elite and commercial real estate. For example, the administration St. Petersburg refused to grant a six-month deferral of payments for investment in land. "If there is no money for the project, the delayed payment does not make sense" – said vice-governor Alexander sergeant. According to him, the city is ready to pay compensation for land that is then either re-expose them for sale or let for construction of budget accommodation.

The authorities in Moscow, by contrast, have decided to subsidize the capital construction companies, but it is only those builders who erected socially significant objects. "Frost" business order not to "freeze" in an economic "cold snaps" working on the construction market companies – both developers and producers of building materials and structures – should reconsider their priorities in line with new realities. For example, many developers have sense to change prices. Thus, the "Southern Construction Company has adjusted his price list, reducing the price of 3-4 thousand rubles per m2. This primarily affected one-bedroom apartments, which were the subject speculative demand. In addition, from what previously it is clear that one of the priorities of the construction business is involved in municipal and state programs. "Today, we hope only to government order, although I have not worked with him because of low profitability. But now there is simply no other way "- says the director of the contracting company Pulkovo Vysotnik Sergey Grachev.