Sacred duty of every rational Dagestani today and always – to save their land from disaster. In August-October 1999 Dagestanis really proved himself and the world that the courage and patriotism in Dagestan – not a myth but a reality. Made a few mistakes and Dagestan in the past, but we have not lost patriotism! And do not lose the ages! Reflecting on the disturbing autumn 1999, I do not find so far documentary publications about our customers and sponsors of this disgusting campaign of bandits in Dagestan. We have not explained the reasons for that were allowed to return to these killers of Ansalta in Chechnya. A week before the start of an armed attack "brothers in faith" on the Maidan Echedinskom I had a meeting with these supporters of "pure Islam" (their words). To see me out and Dagestan, including to tsumadintsy heavily armed. And then I did not know the real purpose of these strong young men. Photographed together in memory, they have refused, but a lot of passion and talked about the corruption and immorality in Dagestan.

And in this I was entirely agree with them, but warned them about the inadmissibility of the shedding of blood in Dagestan. They agreed, but then broke his promise. Then he asked them: "And how did you manage to deliver on these heights weapons, food and equipment?". The answer was shocking: "For a pack of rubles to buy any police station, and when they add more and pack dollars that come to the aid themselves and the police chief." I wanted this summer to meet with the "forest brothers, "but I did not know their locations.

Moscow Hair

Holiday – in full splendor What if the sun, air and water are not best friends Summer, holidays, hot sun, warm sea and cool breeze – it’s so tempting. Fortunately, the dream of easy-to-discharge. AND Here we lay on the white sand, blue waves lick the heels of us, and gently stroked the golden rays of the skin. And we are good. But ask to have the skin – and it something good? Brackish water – again.

Then once in the sand – two. And then there is the most desirable sun – three. Is it day by day, two weeks, and even a month in a row, move it? And then we’ll come back to Moscow and happily climbed into the shower in chlorinated waters. I think you already understand what I mean. No skin, and hair, such bullying will not leave unpunished. That’s why, coming back from vacation, we find that our skin is dry and weather-beaten, her hair had lost luster and flexibility. And even the most beautiful tan on the background of all this no longer looks so dazzling. In general, the sun, air and water – are already best friends, they thought before.

Of course, to apply during holidays all sorts of preventative safety equipment is not only possible but necessary. But this is still not campaign to replace the specialists at the end of vacation. Because, no matter how hard you try, and only professionals are able in a short time to revive your skin and hair.