Venezuelan Processes

Abstract successful companies currently, maintain a dynamic operation in the current scenarios where participate and offer their products endorsed with the international quality standards and of all those aspects reflected in the attributes of their products that truly meet the needs, demand of consumers who require it. Here, the importance that management identifies with the relevance, reach processes in the present management is needed and ensures not only productivity, but steps to strategic plans, to ensure that markets function generate plans, actions that highlight the benefits that are obtained when manufactures products that are in demand by their attributes highly competitive features. This time we focus on stress, consider the scope, benefits and impact that the management of processes provides. as well as other guidelines. Introduction is very important, as is the case with Venezuelan SMEs they represent a significant number and a very decisive productivity for the country, especially when they give way to other products, not specifically of petroleum, but, industrial products, consumption, thanks, to mention a few, having well-defined processes, good governance, efficient, well evaluated, so, as regards their administrative systems, and everything that guarantee results that favor him. Basic considerations, annotations modern management cannot ignore the dynamics of changes that constantly arise in the company, product of the needs that consumers constantly requested to do so, is necessary to be very attentive in everything related to the management of processes that is required, and encourages him in such a way that appropriately integrate inputs with the output guaranteeing results that would allownot only remain in the conquered markets, but dabble in new, taking into account the opportunities that are presented, more, in the Venezuelan case, that there are, in particular, before the opening of the new foreign trade policy which the current Government has developed independently of some actions that have not favored the business sector.