Debts For Prosperity

I number it of people become indebted in Brazil has grown sufficiently in these two years. that is a problem where the people start to lose the control of its life, affecting its work, familiar relationship with consequences of these trozas. Agencies as FJV, IBGE and others have shown one number of people looking for aid to solve problems with debts in the last months. In Brazil especially capital So Paulo they say that problems with you divide continue being the great villain of history. A recent study she disclosed that consuming with she only divides is increasing. The sum of divides, what this means that the people go to increase its time on average paying divide and at the same time giving its money that works so hard to earn and later passing to its creditors. With this our unstable economy increases the unemployment problem and negotiates having little movement. The reason most common in this news article is with income people low, to commit itself beyond the presumption, illness or invalidity, and loss of work.

Therefore, the guilt is not total of circumstances with the consumers, this has to see pparently with the irresponsibility of the financial institutions, in being loaning money to the population, this cause a great effect in the people. The problem is with the people with poor knowledge of finances the guilt is entirely due to any financial education in the period where they are in the school. Our educational system does not offer no knowledge in finances, and is few parents whom the sufficient knows to pass the children, our future adult population. Banks are ordering credit cards, Guaranteed checks, offering loans and bombing they with good businesses. But the people do not have no financial education, what they in the way place divide of them. Educating if financially it is not so difficult as trying to leave you divide them, this must be the priority of the list of all the people. With the time you defend understanding them of the financial crises that we are passing in the world is that we fall in the Real where we look for learns GRATIS reading a news article As To transform Debts For Prosperity

Center Life

This article is dedicated for the people who have tried of all whichever business have presented/displayed to them, sadly with very Little or nothing of success, for which they are spending great sums of money in meetings, steering wheels and etc date account that we are in another one was. The era of the continuous formation, where the virtual halls, the webconferencia, Gvo or video conferences in direct is teaching to the people like having one better quality of life, by means of lessons live Motivated Mantente there are a serious commitment by your family and the beings whom they love to you, think about all the amount of million people, races and cultures, custom and diversity that there is in the world and I touch that person to you of compaer@ and amala@ intensely so that she is that and only that, the one that you this acompandote in this way of the life, that although is 100 years is very short the life and is only you will live once it, is only an opportunity. It is why I do tantsima emphasis in my articles to dominate time, to take advantage of it to the maximum decirte time and time again emplate in things that give value you, please you do not lose that precious gift of the time, reads books tries to read one per month at least, books that construct if you love I I give to you but it reads, of authors like Jim Rohn, this he was a true personage you find it in youtube, or Robert kiyosaky who sells million books by his highest content, it listens to char them, attends formation centers, some virtual hall, to the church where they preach really the Word of God, emplate that always you are in continuous formation of personal overcoming. .

Payroll Sick Leave

According to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers 1332, effective from 15.12.2009. It is necessary to amend the calculation of the payment of sick leave and maternity leave. We offer you a short sequence of actions the user in the system 'Biznes.Personal' to implement this resolution. 1. Enter regulated constants used in the calculation of sick and maternity leave: 1.1. Enter the minimum wage for the period to provide sick leave (System-wide Information -> Installed money -> The minimum wage) – The minimum value for the period. Limits the average salary for the calculation of sick leave from the bottom. 1.2.

Enter the average salary for all economic activities within the region for the period of granting sick leave (System-wide Information -> Installed money -> The average salary for all types of activities) – Maximum operating period. Limits the average salary for the calculation of sick leave on top. 2. Add and configure a model to calculate the average salary of sick leave for pregnancy and genera (Estimated Division -> Algorithms Payroll -> tab 'Typical average wage'). It is best to do this action 'Copy' in relation to the existing model for calculating the average wage of hospital. In the copied model the average salary in the form of editing typical average wage to changes in the following fields: 2.1. 'Category of timing' – choose to 'calendar days (excluding non-attendance at UP). " Accounting for the hospital will performed in calendar days without a valid reason for non-attendance, which include temporary disability, sick leave, maternity leave, child care up to 3 (6) years.