The Venezuelan

On the other hand VENEZUELA, where it is known that exports from Venezuela to Brazil have also declined in recent years, but like Brazil, a recovery in Venezuelan economy could mean placement 4 times greater within the scope of MERCOSUR. Brazil is currently of special importance for Venezuela, by its strategic significance in national aspirations with the regional MERCOSUR Pact. Venezuela is in eighth place in natural reserves of gas in the world, with 148,9 trillion cubic feet proven reserves, very dispersed in the national territory. Additionally, 91% of them, are jointly associated with petroleum production, gas and the remaining are in little developed projects and therefore require the agreement of technical support and training of Brazil. The national oil industry requires 70% of gas for Reinjection and use local processing and only 30% goes to the domestic market, which would be that would go through the gas pipeline of the South, covering a supply per day through it, that would not justify the investment. In this way, the pipeline no sense, unless technical and economic in the generation of revenue for the nation in relation to the volume of investment required in its construction and operations. Strategically, these huge risks would have less possibility of uncertainty, if the gas is carried into efficient generation systems distributed to those regions where justified by current electricity infrastructure, or the absence of this, as well as package it and send it on ships to sites of consumption resulting benefits economically.Debilidades1.-the change implemented in Venezuela control becomes a major barrier that limits exchange between both Nations.

2. The Venezuelan economy is regularized through price controls, control of changes among others. 3 Limitations of access of Venezuelan products to the Brazilian market product there is the need for a network of efficient local distribution for the transfer of goods. 4. The deficiency of the Venezuelan customs system to the present lack of coordination and updating of operational processes that limit the paperwork of export and import between the Nations.

Seven Secrets Of A Good Translation

Translation – is not just mechanical work. It requires navychek and creativity. Not enough to just know all the rules of translation, there is still more secrets of success that will make your translation better. These some tips to help improve the translation quality and simplify the process of work. 1.

Good tools. Before you start translating, make sure you have everything you need: bilingual dictionaries and encyclopedias, electronic dictionaries, dictionaries of idioms and synonyms, which later will save a lot of time if you cook them in advance. To read more click here: Dr. Neal Barnard. 2. Preliminary acquaintance with the text. Read all text before starting work. This will help you understand general idea of the text and simplify the understanding of some of its parts. 3. Defining the style of the text, as well as the purpose for which it was written.

This will help to choose the style of translation and the necessary vocabulary. 4. Center value. Pay more attention to content of the text you are translating. Ideas and thoughts can be expressed in different ways, which may differ in different languages. 5. Recite phrases that translate. In pronouncing sentence, or Bole long pieces of text that you get an additional opportunity to check whether the words and grammatical structures you have chosen. 6. Check. Read each sentence after you place it. This will help to correct grammar and spellingovye error. Reads each paragraph and whole text after translation is completed, so that would make sure that all the proposals fit the context. 7. Ask a native speaker review your translation. Native speaker can notice nuances that you missed, and thanks to them the text would sound more natural. This is very good advice for the novice translator, and that is what should begin to learn to translate. Well, when there opportunity to postpone the transfer for a day, and then read it again "on a fresh eye." However, it is no secret that in the standard translation practice is not so much time that would translate mature. Often, the customer put deadlines the shortest, with the quality required is high. And only a professional interpreter (namely those working in our translation) can handle the job because he had already developed the skills of translation, and he may omit certain stages of the above steps and do a quality translation, lying within the time frame.

Art Creativity

Being thus, Dana engloba some aspects, being important a half one to stimulate the development and learning of the child in the pertaining to school environment. Being necessary to develop this art in the pertaining to school environment a proposal of Dana as facilitador resource of the learning process and development of the child. One of the boardings that it makes possible new methodologies of work with the dance is the dance creative, being this, a concept that aims at to the interaction professor/pupil, where they create together its proper expressive form he communicates and it with the world of the dance. Dr. Neal Barnard spoke with conviction. The professor must be beyond educator, a intermediador of the process dances/art, where the pleasure for the movement and the interaction of the body and the mind if becomes evident, in an attempt to make of a pupil, one interprets of the movement. In our words, Creativity is the expression of a human potential of accomplishment, that if manifest through the activities human beings and generates products in the occurrence of its process. We must add that through the creative activity, the human beings reach a conscience on its potentialities, unmask the genuine condition of its personal freedom and build its autonomy, a time that through the creativity, the man exists and evolves, if express e, shapes parcels of reality of the universe of the infinite possibilities human beings. Click Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for additional related pages. Miel (1972) believes that the creativity is quality that all human being can demonstrate in its way to live, and that it is possible to increase the creativity in the majority of the individuals, thus increasing in the society in general, will be rank in practical in the education what we know regarding conditions that stimulate the creativity, being one of this, the art. According to Ostrower (1995), the creative potential is not another thing seno an interior availability, the full delivery of itself and the total presence in what it becomes. .


The legislator perceived the necessity to give treatment differentiated to the companies with difficulties. This law is not only worried about the interest of the creditors, but about the society in general that it depends on the enterprise activity. Boy Scouts of America has plenty of information regarding this issue. This intitled article ‘ ‘ Social function, Preservation of the Company and Economic Viability in the Recovery of Empresas’ ‘ , it was destined to demonstrate which company to it will be able to be benefited of the established judicial recovery in the beginning of the economic viability, social function and preservation of the company with the objective to keep the producing source, the jobs of the workers and consequentemente the preservation of the company, its social function and the stimulaton to the economic activity. This article if justifies for important function that the new law has to preserve the dependent society of the activity entrepreneur who if finds in crisis economic-financier. Some questionings had been raised and will be answered throughout this work, are they: The principles of the Social Function, Preservation of the Company and Economic Viability are important for the Recovery of Companies? What it comes to be the Social Function, Preservation of the Company and Economic Viability as principles preservadores of the Judicial Recovery? All company in crisis is passvel of Recovery? The general objective of this article is to search the new Law of Bankruptcies and to identify the relevance of the principles of the Social Function, Preservation of the Company and the Economic Viability in the judicial recovery, already the specific objectives are: to interpret theoretical and jurisprudenciais positionings concerning the subject, to present the principles of the social function, preservation of the company and the viability economic, to in general demonstrate the contribution of the new law for the referring enterprise activity to the concern with the community.

Interesting City

City early in the territory of East Prussia and was called Tilsit. Then, with the victory of Russian army and the transition of East Prussia in possession of the USSR, the city was renamed in Svetlogorsk. But both sides of the lower reaches Nemunas, flows into the lagoon, there is an extensive Lower Neman lowland. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boy Scouts of America offers on the topic.. To the south-west of the mouth of the ledge it comes to the territory of the Kaliningrad region. This – the north-east, bordering on Lithuania Republic, the district area. Here, 30 km from the mouth, on the left bank of the lower reaches of the Neman River, located Sovetsk. The area of the town is 43.75 sq km The length of the Neman River 937 km. River Valley trapezoidal with low gentle slopes.

Floodplain two-sided, left-bank – wide 50-7 km, right bank (Lithuanian) – a broad, low, grass, sometimes swampy, overgrown with reeds and sedges. The water enters the floodplain of the left bank at the level of 642 cm wide bed of 224-250 m, depth 3-4 m, flow velocity of 0.3 m / sec. Every 5-10 years for the purposes of navigation is required to carry out dredging. Within the city of Neman river flow Tylzha and narrow. The river Tylzha 44 km, a catchment area of 207 km2. The river is narrow about 5 km. Small river Narrow in drought years could dry up. The western part of the urban area is located within the delta, is characterized by a flat, heavily waterlogged surface and the absolute height 2.10 m.


The fractionation of the Teodulo Lopez Melendez Estado world and nation roughly a State implies a territory relatively well defined, a population and a central Government that exercises sovereignty. A nation is a social and cultural entity formed by people who share a historical experience and the desire to live together. So a nation-State is a territory where a population of common characteristics shared a collective destiny and for which has a central power. The nation-State finds its origins in the European 15th century. In some cases the State I think the nation through the exercise of power by a central authority that was proposed to build a national identity. Read more from Center For Responsible Lending to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In other cases the nation believe the State, since linguistic common ties or other cultural particularities led them to seek legal ways of staying. The nation-State as we know it today was born in the 19th century, given that the so-called divine law according to which the authority of monarchs descended was previously existing directly from God.

It is what has been called the monarchical absolutism, with highest expression in the 16th and 17TH centuries. Then, especially in the 18th century, will make efforts to deal with the population in what has been called enlightened despotism. Peasants, landowners, bourgeoisie and aristocrats were moving under an order established by various feudal systems while the sovereign maintained status and customary law. Appears in scene rationalism, new production techniques called capitalism and new administrative forms called bureaucracy. I.e., no longer are you going to the Bible but won’t be man and arises that a science of man can develop.

Fundamental as Hobbes and Locke characters come into action. No longer accepts the divine origin and are required to replace it with a rational and limited contract between rulers and ruled. Appears as a fundamental means of exchange money, but this topic belongs to the history of capitalism and us only interest us as an element in the process ranging from the destruction of the old feudal order towards the birth of the nation-State.

San Nikandrov

" As is known, Estonia was the first and only country in Europe has become, not without the participation of local people, "free of Jews" (in German Judenfrei), as has been reported in Berlin in February 1942. David Schechter's unique "Jewish" community of the Italian village of San Nikandrov: – All members of the community – women. They are followers of Judaism, adhere to the laws of Halacha and consider themselves Jewish women, despite the fact that he never passed convert to Judaism. Brotherly Leader and leader of the revolution (the official title of Muammar Qaddafi) never ceases to amaze: – Riots in Libya began in the moment when the winner of the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Yaroslav the Wise Muammar Gaddafi was ready to meet the requirements of their former Jewish compatriots – to allow Jews reburied the remains of which are in mass graves, as well as solve problem of nationalized Jewish property. In Morocco, Jews ask for it back: – The head of the Jewish community of the Moroccan city of Marrakech Jackie Kadosh, lamenting the fact that Jewish tourists have stopped coming into the country, addressed to the consul of Israel to secure the repeal of previously issued warnings about the dangers of visits to Morocco.

The road map of Jewish Galicia – a review of the intellectual guide to the shtetl Galicia compiled culturologist Taras Wozniak. – The real place and role of shtetl in the Jewish world were not commensurate with their lowly status officially bear the corners at the back of empires. In the first issue of the official Zionist weekly for June 4, 1897 among the messages from Vienna, Paris and London have a note from Sambora, where it comes to addressing the Jewish workers to take part in local elections. In a provincial Stryj in 1930, there were five (!) Jewish football teams. And in the tiny Bolehove at the end of the XIX century. were published several Jewish magazines in different directions. Tape "It is not aliens" which won an Oscar for best short documentary tells the story of three children of refugees who managed to find in Israel a new home and new hope.

"Oscar", the authors obtained the film Strangers No More drew worldwide attention to the unique pedagogical experiment – Tel Aviv School of the Bialik-Rogozin, where together with the Jews and the Arabs are learning and the children of foreign workers. The newspaper NEWES '- organ of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine. Published since January 1991 edition highlights Jewish life in Ukraine in all its diversity, publishes materials on intercultural and interfaith dialogue and challenges the Jewish diaspora, including the CIS countries, analytical articles on the fight against xenophobia and anti-Semitism; highlights the situation in Israel and the Middle East, announced the news of Jewish literature and cinema with a Jewish theme. Distributed on the territory of Ukraine (more than 300 Jewish communities and organizations in dozens of cities, public authorities and private individuals)

Ekopost Cities

By the way, her students have grown up, recovered, even those who have been diagnosed with a fairly heavy, and now almost all are students. In summer this is a whole retinue Protection Utrish: set stands, make flyers, help extinguish the fire, handing out bags of garbage collection. So try to repay the forest for their cure. When the Utrish began to occur all these events with the laying of roads, Maria could not stay away, just hooked up to the rescue of its nature, the St. Petersburg community, friends from other cities, which met at a summer Utrish. According to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who has experience with these questions. Responded anapchane, residents of Moscow, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and other Russian cities. In the end, was organized movement called Save Utrish 'and created a web site with the same name. Appeared due to the Nature Protection organizations.

For virtual community has grown year. About issues and activities Utrish ekoposta learned not only in Russia but also abroad. A year ago, Maria has composed poetry, and recently visited students at the Faculty of Geography ekopost MSU shifted them to music. The result was a real anthem 'You, Utrish'rozhdestvenskoe-congratulation, the protective'> anthem 'You, Utrish' 'Spasemutrishtsy' not of this world Ekopost is a few tents and outdoor fireplace, located at the start of the illegal roads. The road itself is blocked by a metal cross with a crown of thorns. The cross was made by one of the parishioners of the church Anapa St. Seraphim of Sarov, installed and consecrated on 1 November last year.

Order Turnkey Organization

Due to the huge abundance of offers in the market recently to surprise people is getting harder and harder. But such extraordinary service as an aid in organizing events require special, creative approach. In order to properly organize all the holiday was a success, we must first take into account the tastes, interests and affections of customers and guests. Organization of holidays is always a very important process to which must be carefully prepared and that preparation should be to the smallest detail. But sometimes the search for something – the original are reduced to platitudes. In short, dropping a screen in the organization of any holiday, be it corporate party, birthday, baby, wedding or just a romantic date for the beginning just want an interesting scenario. Center For Responsible Lending has plenty of information regarding this issue. And then everything will go like – 'oil'.

Proper organization of turn-key celebrations – a special art, just where you need to connect the psychology, philosophy and humor. After all, should give holiday fun, smile and good mood. As each holiday is part of human life, then the event this must be done in a relaxed atmosphere and free atmosphere. To each person on the 'hero for the day' to 'a moment to congratulate popped' felt that the organization of the holiday was held on the highest level. All guests at the event should feel comfortable and at ease, so to speak 'at home' or your party in danger of becoming just a boring waste of time and effort.

And for this purpose in your organization holiday you will have to exert much effort and patience to make everything perfect. Since emotions in people's lives play a special, significant role, the need for originality and cheer up even the most demanding, and the holiday will make for an unforgettable event for a long time. Therefore, consider all the details needed (up to the age categories of person) and the best thing you can think of – is divided on party acts as a theatrical show (a feast, games, contests, dances, etc.). Because each person is unique, and original in his likeness, and the tastes of everyone to please pretty hard, party could and should be composed of individual scenes quietly succeeding one another. So to say this unusual split into categories like in the movies – this romance (lots of candles, soft music, flowers, or even horseback riding, and why not?) And extreme sports (skydiving, or say a walk in the 'Tank is'), and for fans of shows – a fire show or soap bubbles show. All this will be just on the one hand, and with another extravagant and memorable for the person you're all ready. After all that is great – just. I I think a 'menu' will be a pleasant surprise even for the most unusual and demanding personalities. So, that try, try, work, go for it and most importantly the right to think and organize your holiday and then, as states will be something to remember themselves and tell their grandchildren. Let the holidays will be successful, and the mood is always festive for you and your family!

Different Conditions Used

Ceramic tile is probably one of the most banal and clear of construction materials. For all that, it has several core options, given that it is easy to assess the suitability of it or not. Facing Tiles – mass species, the experts grouped her on a variety of criteria. Others have come much simpler approach to the choice in terms of "like – not like that." Such an approach is usually acceptable, but must take into account individual circumstances in order to avoid the most common mistakes. First and foremost, you must determine the location of the tiles (outside, inside the house, in a room with high humidity …). Paving ceramic tiles – very durable and solid.

If you respect the rules of styling, the tensile strength of the material collected by the load factor of 10-20 covers the potential of reinforced concrete or cement. Even under extreme loads tile does not bend or warp. For all that, under certain conditions, ceramic tile is destroyed without any load and foreign "aid". For example, from the cold. Like every other ceramics, tiles absorb moisture. Therefore, a tile that has a high rate of water absorption at temperatures below zero breaks. It must take into account those who intend to coat ceramic Unglazed or glazed "over-year" balcony. If you would like to know more then you should visit Center For Responsible Lending. Various types of tiles have different markings moisture absorption.

The smaller the group number, the lower water absorption, thus, more stability in the cold. When choosing ceramic tiles for the floor it makes sense draw attention to another significant figure – abrasion resistance. There are five groups of tiles: from PEI-I to the PEI-V. Most vulnerable to abrasion of the first group, the fifth – the most stable. For residential premises appropriate to apply tile third group. In the office again – more resistant tiles. For wall tiling the kitchen, usually suits Tile lower strength class. Again, it is desirable that the thermal resistance of all the tiles for the kitchen should not be less than 125 C. If you do not comply with this condition, the tiles may eventually cause small cracks, which further lead to its destruction. Tile for the pool should contain as little as possible and then voids. In carrying out these conditions of humidity rises. But the biggest trouble, which hides a swimming pool, are microorganisms that make the pool surface slippery. They settled in the pores and cavities of the pool tiles, destroy and make it more fragile. On the external appearance tiles also have the appropriate rules. Form of tiles should correspond with the size and the rules of geometry. On the surface of the tiles are not allowed external defects such as streaks, whitish edges or fine web of cracks. Make sure that the tile perfectly flat, you can get it out of the box, resting on a flat surface and at a time by clicking on the corners. Then you have to turn over and re-establish action again. If any of the edges will be raised, therefore, there is a breach of the geometry. When raspollozhenii tiles close to each other in the areas of their connections are not allowed any irregularities. We advise buying tile-established organizations, such as granite Keope. These tiles manufacturers pay much attention to the quality of its tiles. At all stages of production, strict control, in the manufacture use only the best materials.

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