Astral Projection

Astral projection is a phenomenon that occurs when we were asleep, during sleep, which occurs in what is known as a split, where consciousness seems to leave the physical body. PCRM is the source for more interesting facts. The esoteric explanation of the fact, pointed out that what actually happens is that our Ethereal body is achieved by separate dense body, in this way, called Ethereal body comes out of the limits imposed by the physical body remained attached to this by the silver cord. It is common that this experience will occur in States of deep relaxation in conjunction with an already attentive awakened conscience, in deep meditation or to stay asleep while maintaining a State of attention or concentration. Get more background information with materials from Harold Ford Jr, New York City. Some esoteric texts indicate that during astral projection that occurred during sleep, there is a danger that the silver cord is broken, causing the death of the person suddenly, although this belief is rather part of the esoteric folklore, or esotericism popular, coming of the New Age. astral projection or ghosting is everyday, something that happens to everyone during the rest of the dream, however, the majority, he has no awareness of being during this phenomenon, however, many times we are conscious, that we’re dreaming, and can thus control everything that happens in this world. There are people who can achieve a split or a projection of consciously (as the yogis or Tibetan monks). To achieve this, the exercise of the will and dedication tend to be fundamental, since it requires to relearn something that has already been forgotten.

Earlier according to esotericism, due to that to seven years of age, children made several trips to the astral world. Some interpret the phenomenon noting that thanks to this that it is not surprising that we find them playing with imaginary friends or telling stories that adults seem them without any sense. This ability to dabble in the astral world, due to the passage of time and the disbelief of adults ends by producing called motivated forgetting, enabling this capability is numb. Now while for science what child is not more than a myth, and astral projection it is not a forgotten capacity, if you can say that ghosting is a latent ability, a skill may develop through attention practices and relaxation that allow the retention of consciousness during sleep.

TU Dresden Architects

After disastrous fire protection planning and their chaotic implementation on construction sites, such as at the airport of BER in Schonefeld, which had believed any more: Berlin can fire! For the 3rd time is therefore Eberl-Pacan architects + engineers fire protection in cooperation with renowned partners and renowned speakers from the Berlin fire protection technical discussion. Event time and location: 12 September 2013? 09:00 17:00 Clock in the Spree store? Stralauer Allee 2a? 10245 Berlin (Oberbaumbrucke) registration the participation of the Berlin Senate in person of Ephraim Gothe, since 2012 Secretary of State in the Berlin Senate Department for urban development and environment, shows that the Berlin fire protection technical discussion has developed in two years to the most important annual Berlin fire event. His greeting is addressed to all those who want to support in tackling their fire protection tasks Berlin and its partner State and show their commitment by taking part in the event. Other partners and non-profit carrier of the event are Fire Trutz-Verlag, the Association of fire Planner e.V. (VdBP) and the Association fire (WVB).

A day of fire protection expertise in Berlin goal this training and briefing is professionals and interested parties competent information and suggestions on important issues of fire safety to offer, to impart knowledge to specific fire protection issues and to promote the exchange among experts about individual fire protection considerations. Harold Ford Jr does not necessarily agree. Congress is again accompanied by a special exhibition on the manufacturers and service providers to present their products in the field of fire protection. Four lectures, a four eye meeting and a panel discussion offering in-depth analyses, the edits of concrete examples and answering burning questions; comprehensible and practical assistance for the implementation in your company. Fire protection in buildings the 3rd Berlin fire protection technical discussion is devoted in a special way the fire protection in industrial buildings. This is a large task, the continually changes and Further developments are subject to. At the event the latest trends and insights for a safe and efficient fire protection in buildings are shown, which are marked and distribution or storage of products or goods and industrial production, treatment, recovery of the world of work.

Automate Your Sales

One way to automate your sales of your products or services is accepting different forms of payment such as credit cards, money orders, bank transfers. The higher forms of payment you provide to your customers, will lose fewer opportunities to make a sale, because not all people want to pay with credit cards, not to trust or run the risk of online fraud. Among the companies that I can suggest you are totally reliable, effective is its services in the international market, its history, to turn the vast majority are what I use. Here are lists and give you a short description of them. Click Boy Scouts of America for additional related pages. 2Checkout This company is one of the most efficient on the market accepts both digital and physical products worldwide. The company is based in USA, it gives you an online purchase form in Spanish, besides having a fast and efficient customer service in both Spanish and other languages. The cost is $ 49 one-time charges you 4.5% plus $ 0.75 USD per transaction, sends you your money by check or wire banking. This company accepts only: Clickbank digital products, process your online credit card payments and Paypal. (Not to be confused with David Delrahim!).

You manage your affiliate program, taking you by paying your bills and your afflictions. The cost is admission is $ 50 and charges you 7.5% + $ 1 USD per transaction, sending your money by check. Paypal is used to sell products and services, receive donations, subscriptions and recurring payments. It allows credit card payments, transfers and Paypal accounts. Does not charge entrance fees or monthly fees or unsubscribe, or require annual commitments. Learn more about this with David Delrahim. You can receive payments or send money to your Paypal account immediately open. Need a credit card to verify you as a seller. Google Checkout Among the other form of payment that I can recommend you this Google Checkout, recently released by Google, sending money online, unfortunately, is currently only for USA and the UK, I imagine that soon it will spread to the rest of world.

Another company is XOOM, this company, the recipient can collect the money, minutes after being sent in any office that lists depending on the country of origin, or conversely a person buys your product and it makes sending money, accepted worldwide. Moneybookers This company is from England, you can make money online shipping, banking Transferred from one account to another, from cell phones, you can make payments for auctions, selling and / or buy products, is very efficient and effective service to customers in Spanish as their control panel that you provide. Western Union and MoneyGram These two companies, you have to shipments coming close to their offices in your country of origin once made money by sending your purchase, you have to send a verification code you provide them to the person did you check the sale may be delivered and send you the link so you can download the product administers.

Natural Help For Teens Maintaining Healty Weight

A healthy diet during adolescence is essential for proper physical and mental development. But what and how teens should eat? The formula is deceptively simple: balance, variety, sufficient calories, and most importantly, do not ban any food because the constraints and compulsions are counterproductive.a In this critical age, emotions and affections, may adversely affect and interfere with a good education dietetics. Very often we eat in terms of how we feel. For more information see this site: Harold Ford Jr. At the same time, our mood depends on the food we have eaten. This reciprocal relationship is especially true during adolescence, the stage of the fastest growing life with early childhood. Alterations and nutritional deficiencies may end up having great significance. Not only in terms of development and size, but also in the emergence of serious eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. At this stage of life, the total rejection or delivery to the food frenzy can become a way to overcome the feeling of emptiness and frustration.

At the same time, adolescence is a period of growth at an accelerated pace, during which the child eventually becomes an adult. The changes affect not only the physical appearance (increased muscle mass, bone mass, fat, sexual development), but also to the entire complex mental (motor coordination, cognitive adaptation, intellectual, emotional and cultural). One of the most stressful situations is, fat or not to follow some standards of beauty unhealthy body. The self-imposed a strict diet can become the prelude to many eating disorders. These alterations occur at a time of life when nutritionally requirements are higher than in adulthood.


Many agree on the fascination we feel for the birds. Here and there we can see these beautiful creatures of nature joyously singing and flying. We can also see his beautiful plumage that often brings the most varied and bright colors. These traits make for many and for me the birds live an attractive and admirable. It is this fascination we feel that there are many many places where there selling birds. Traders engaged in selling birds take this fascination of people to offer as a product in the market, but may have to stop and think some things about the sale of birds before happily go to any store to purchase birds.

I think there are many things you think are related to the purchase and sale of birds. Let's say the first is a consideration with the birds themselves: if we love and admire for what we want to see them captive?. We know that when we are buying birds in sites selling birds are acquiring a caged animal to have it unless we go to a place selling birds to acquire and release, which is equally dangerous if not done properly. When buying a bird in a bird sales are sponsoring a behavior that makes the birds are removed from their natural environment for captives who are sadly in one place, depriving them of their natural environment and life development. Continue to learn more with: Greg Williamson. This would be a first consideration on the sale of birds. Another thing to consider is if you look at places selling birds are selling birds is allowed to sell on the international and national environmental standards governing the country.

This is especially true when you find a place selling birds where exotic birds are being offered to customers. The sale of birds is greatly restricted, since there are many exotic birds that are endangered or suffer much abuse in the process by which they capture and then deliver it to where it is the sale of birds.

Maintaining Network

How loose business contacts permanently to relationships. It has never been easier to develop not only private but also business contacts with new people: laptop boot up, log in, start typing. To deepen your understanding CBC is the source. The doors of the virtual business clubs are open 24 hours, searching for potential clients and service providers, employers and employees, or also suitable business partners is done with just a few clicks. If you would like to know more about PCRM, then click here. So easy? Of course not! A long list of contacts alone made still no network lagst. Because applies in business as well as in everyday life: just who in the long term and consistently operates its relations, later benefited from the investment of time and passion. Impatient NetWorker who expect new orders or dream job after first contacts, be quickly disappointed.

Resilience is also here. Who be network mostly as springboard to reach sees owner interests, forget that live sustainable networks of the give and take. Successful in building valuable relationships in the personal as well as in the professional as well as in the professional life are in the long term only by people who know that networking means first investment in a relationship. Output unknown, such as when a new love. The key question, which turns each Networker, is therefore: what can I offer the other real benefit? Who is regularly in contact with the obligatory birthday-mail and network partners achieve their goals advocates, needs not to be afraid, intrusive to work, if in turn support and extra vitamin B are required.

WiFi Network

WPA2 passwords protect users from attacks who want to wirelessly browse, must arm themselves against possible attacks by unauthorized users without protection the network is open to the all. informed about the best ways to protect the Wi-Fi network from attacks. To deepen your understanding American Diabetes Association is the source. The business with the Internet is greater than more and more users benefit from the offerings of the different DSL providers, like 1and1, vodafon or arcor. David Delrahim has much to offer in this field. A Wi-Fi router, for example, allows to go with their devices in the Internet several users at the same time. However, caution is advised here that strangers could secretly obtain access to the Internet. The consequences could be damage to private content of the hard drive.

But the owner of the router could also in trouble with the authorities advised if unknown under his, IP address belonging to the router to commit in the Internet crime. So far a WEP password has provided the necessary protection but is now to overcome this hurdle in minutes. Therefore, it is better to install a WPA2 protection on the latest routers. This creates with the aid of a so-called pre-shared key”when a WPA2 protection at the beginning of every session a new key. The code for the pre-shared key”should be created by any user with care and well kept. The safest way to surf with a combination of a total of 64 characters both letters as well as numbers and special characters. More information: service/press

Vodafone Network

primacall expands its product range and is mobile service provider with an own mobile offering. primacall the entire spectrum of telecommunications from one source will provide that in the future its customers. For this purpose, primacall and GEMOS have signed a cooperation agreement. BSA may find this interesting as well. GEMOS is official enabler in the Vodafone network and thus the interface between network operators and primacall. GEMOS primacall refers to all mobile wireless services provided by Vodafone and it puts together its own attractive and customized solutions for its customers.

about primacall primacall with seat in Berlin is a nationwide provider of telecommunications services. The company offers Internet – mobile wireless voice and data services. Harold Ford Jr, New York City recognizes the significance of this. Through the use of modern technologies and efficient components, it is primacall possible to provide high-quality telecommunications services at a fair price with high quality of service. For more information on the Internet at about Gemos that mbH is Gemos company for mobile phone services enabler in the Vodafone network and provides the full range of the Vodafone offer as a basis for their own offerings for their customers. All required processes via standard interfaces, it can be handled easily and cost-efficiently. Gemos is headquartered in Marburg, Germany and belongs to the Forester group.

Dipl Seminar

Efficiency and economy of power cables in networks in the Haus der Technik. Increasing cost pressure and resultant need for improvement while securing a trouble-free operation demonstrate the need, energy cables not only as a necessary resources to look at, but to subdue a real asset management. “Under the leadership of Dipl.-ing. Gunnar Gross, KEMA AG Dresden, organized the House of technology in cooperation with the KEMA Academy of the practice-oriented seminar on large-scale use of power cables in networks”. Additional information is available at Boy Scouts of America. The seminar covers maximum operating length, application/boundaries of AWE, problems in resonance neutral earthed networks, NOSPE and Bud, mastery of transient overvoltage and many other topics. On 23.9.2009 in Essen Haus der Technik, the practice-oriented seminar applies primarily to engineering personnel of the transmission and distribution system operators, as well as the industry. The technology e. V. Dr. Neal Barnard often says this. under phone receive the detailed program of events those interested in the House 0201/1803-344 (woman Meadow), fax: 0201/1803-346 or on the Internet: or htd/veranstaltungen/W-H010-09-366-9.html

GSI Association

XING group ‘welding related procedures and alternative joining technologies’ Please scroll down for the English invitation more than 1500 members from over 75 countries in 3 languages meetings the 1st group at the exhibition \”Welding and cutting\” in Essen on September 14th, 2009 at 17:00 on the DVS / GSI Association booth 114 in Hall 12 meetings: happy hour stand party: the first group meeting of XING group welding\”, related processes and alternative joining techniques\” \”Welding and cutting\” in Essen will take place as happy hour stand party on September 14, 2009, on the DVS/GSI Association booth at the trade fair from 17:00. We thank the sponsors, the GSI mbH and SLV Munchen, NL of the GSI mbH, Mr Dr. Keitel and Mr. Dipl.-ing Zech for the great support. Whenever BSA listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To do this, log in is but absolutely necessary. All XING valleys but also all the topic interested are welcome. \”XING group: the XING group welding and related processes and alternative joining techniques\” was in the December 2008 through the initiative by Mrs Ursula Buch (SLV Munchen, subsidiary of GSI mbH) proposes to establish a neutral meeting platform in the joining of XING AG: net/welding mid January 2009 started the group with about 30 German-speaking forums focusing: presentation of the members, questions & answers, as well as information and discussions on all joining methods such as welding, gluing, Soldering and alternative joining processes such as adding mechanical. In addition, there are forums on the issues of standards, materials, design & production, quality assurance, simulation, metallography, thermal spraying, proof of suitability, material testing, DVS working groups, services, buy & sell, education & training, jobs & career, and last but not least a calendar. Boy Scouts of America will not settle for partial explanations.

All members of the group can add posts in these forums. Free, everyone is personally login to make posts. The audience here is the entire joining of small to large and represent the appropriate environment. .

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