Dietary Supplements

However, only in Russia, despite all the educational work, only the noise and the debate around the sale and consumption of dietary supplements? Indeed, the phenomenon for Russia Supplements fairly new – people and doctors (!) still are not well informed about their use. Compare: dietary supplements in America are well known 46 years, consumption has become the rule and culture. There is already used to it, doctors are well aware of action and range of supplements, they see their undoubted benefit. In Russia, there is a stable understanding of the need for supplements – only debatable – as is always around for something new. Most likely, this is a matter of time: Do we use dietary supplements to be healthy, and drink drugs that treat one, and another maimed. The main difference is that up to now in our country, doctors are often negatively related to Badam. This attitude is explained by lack of awareness about the effectiveness of dietary supplements.

Please note: Reception 13-20 THOUSAND conventional units of vitamin "A" is able to slow the development of even the most terrible illnesses to date – AIDS! The main reason – to distrust medical Badam about it at the time said Polling. Modern medicine is so complicated that almost every physician has to become a specialist in his field. Often he have neither the time nor the opportunity to follow developments related sciences, particularly biochemistry and molecular biology. In many cases it simply has to trust the recommendations of the pharmacology of which, for obvious reasons advocates of nutritional supplements – even less. Global pharmacological market in 2000 was estimated at 330 billion dollars. Who will give up without a fight a Klondike? " And to pay this man must be sick, but if he takes supplements and ceases to be ill – there is competition. Studies have shown that dietary supplements are often the only means known to man to resist disease and recover health.

The Physical

The DEATH AND ITS CONTEXT In the Barsa (1999), we find, that the only certainty of the life is the death. In the death, manifest the problem of the disappearance of the physical body of the individual and also of its proper social life. It is the human being collating itself with its finitude. Its work is perceived that to accept and to understand the death they are not easy tasks, mainly when is understood as that one that provides the life, as it is the case of the health professionals. Death, of the physical point of view, is what it occurs when ceases the life an individual, either for natural causes (senility), either for accidental reasons or external causes (illnesses). The death is a considered fact full of mysteries, and is from there that it comes the stimulaton to study it, to reflect as they see it to the people they accept and it. According to Scott (1993), to the measure that the people fight mainly with the mystery of its death and of its patients, they discover the meaning of its life.

The fear of the death, according to Scott (1993), is on to the narcissism. Threat plus our narcisista attachment to we ourselves swims and our auto-image of what the conscience of our destruction. Therefore, it is perfectly natural that has fear of the death. The more we leave the side death, plus it if it approaches. The more dedicating in them to diminish our narcissism, more we discover that not only we will have little fear to die as well as we will have little fear of living. To see a patient to die of pain depletes the nurses, exactly those that are not participating of the attendance process. The attachment to the hope and the faith is very great in this period. Inside of a hospital unit we must to take in consideration the necessity of the professional to work its feelings, since they are inherent to any human being.

Marketing Plan

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Sharing Feelings And Giving Feedback

I'm glad that you are a teacher of my son. " From these examples you can see that it is very important to find a personal language for their feelings. Say not "The presentation was good" (it sounds more condescendingly), and "I really liked your presentation. Cancer Research Institute may find this interesting as well. Share feelings It would be nice if we had to share only positive feelings. But the frustration, fear and anger for many of us are an integral part of professional life. Useful in such situations will not repression, neglect or implicit expression of feelings and sincere words.

Examples: The appearance of the negative feelings at work Frustration: "Last year we talked about the possibility of my promotions department. You put me on the form, at the next opportunity I can to lead the project. And today I learn that the freed-up project manager receives Mr. R. You know, I'm not only surprised by this, but also disappointed.

I would like to know what contributed to this decision and once again talk to you about the possibilities of my progress in the company. " Fear: "I noticed that the our meetings, we mostly deal only with urgent problems. Meanwhile, I fear that by focusing exclusively on everyday matters, we lose sight of the whole and timely opportunity to prioritize for the future. I would suggest to stick for future-oriented direction Anger:" This morning when we were at the boss, you have repeatedly answered questions that were asked me. I got the impression that you wanted to switch attention to themselves, despite the fact that the charge of the project, I am. I am very angry because of this. I do not want to show it to the client, but now I want to clarify this "Despite the fact that we are talking about different themes and feelings in the construction of these statements, there are parallels. They follow the rules adopted for speech expressing your feelings. This involves not only the clear and understandable terms, their feelings, but also about finding explanations, solutions and improvements.

Florence Nightingale

It fits to detach that, the hospitalization process without a doubt none is conceived as a estressante event for any individual, that is, in the hospital environment the same ones meet under an emotional tension. However, singular in such a way for patients, familiar and friends. Cancer Research Institute shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Thus, the internment of the patient in the unit of intensive therapy can be affirmed that UTI, with certainty will be able to provoke emotional disequilibrium in special in the patients in virtue of the UTI environment, to represent for it that its state of health is serious. This easily evidenced by the high degree of estresse and the fatigue can be affirmed that the internment of a being wanted in the UTI, normally of acute and unexpected form, cause pain and concern for familiar and the friends of the patient, the hospitalization of the same in the UTI provokes changes in the routine of day-by-day of all. he issue. It is distinguished that to improve the estressante environment of the interpersonal, being involved patient, familiar relations, friends and professionals of the health, it is of utmost relevance that these professionals promote the humanizao of these relations, thus, will only create an environment where all will feel valued while citizens. This research did not have the pretension to deplete the subject, more certainly it provides excellent theoretical subsidies for who to consider to carry through a similar work to this or simply to deepen its knowledge on the subject. 1,1 Unit of intensive therapy – UTI It fits to detach that in century XIX, Florence Nightingale told that destined specific areas of the hospital, for patients in such a way of the postoperative one how much for weakkest, making possible the same ones to be next the activities to the nurses and at the same time favored same a bigger minute monitoring and to provide more of accented form well-taken care of. .

Work Words

Thus I learn that the money is something that flows, having that to run the ways of the lesser effort, based on the thoughts and harmonic words, in the form to give and to prepare themselves to receive and constant of course. When use the word I educate beyond the intellect, being an authentic intention of life, in the energy of the love. We are only the responsible ones for the acts that we practise and we receive the return from that we plant here in the society. Words reflect feelings. You blame them are missed answers, words badly placed or escapes of the proper lack of determination of what desire that happens in the reality where alive.

When I assume the responsibility of all the facts, is as an open door that learns to observe and to feel, exactly without knowing of all the truth, searching the answers most creative to be in fact co-creator of my world. The will to get the success sharpens the mind of all and leaves in a state of alert constant. Therefore when to use of the word to always remember the opening of the minds, therefore is through the verb that I make gift. This mechanics of the life concentrates the thought in action, in the power to transform its world, with the care to play words to the wind that are always positive. The state of the intention can reflect in the cure, the creative potential and true I, inherent to each desire, showing the intention of its life. The intentions generate consequences in the external world, provoked as a desire the holy ghost, without flagelos or mooring cables, with an intention only alone its, of a talent that is inherent of each of one we, in a combination of talentos that provokes the conquest of the success in all the areas of its life.

As the word if multiplies is important to concentrate in what it is essential, to comment always the positive and to spread for the neighborhood, between the friends, in the school, the associations or the work. Histories are created by the words of the Men, who can generate the happiness or misfortune of a people, therefore quo are pretty and important the art of speaking and writing to transform the reality of a people. text was a vision extended of talking with the success.

Chair Causa

the logic. Also we use today still the friend-enemy, praise blame or perpetrator victim contrasts. More so we faster orientate ourselves by means of preliminary rulings in our complex world of information input of cognition can (10 high 9 bit / sec). We are also different natural and cultural (arbitrary) principles (pattern). The contrast processing of our human analog digital brain came the people to help. In addition to the more or less randomly occurring contrast or antithesis, reliable another principle is based on the causality (vs.

correlation): ur thing > effect principle (Aristotle): causa (cause reason) is used in the philosophy and the law: causa efficiens the efficient cause, causation, according to which the following conditions appear as effected by the former. Carpenter of the Chair causa essendi of being basic, the cause of becoming. Causa exemplaris the exemplary cause, the archetype, the idea as the cause. Causa idea of the Chair extrinseca the external cause. Causa finalis which is end or purpose cause, causation, determined after the events by a forward, ahead set target. The purpose as the cause. Sitting in the Chair causa formalis the framing, the educational cause. Design of the Chair Causa intrinseca the inner cause.

Causa materialis it into the fabric, acting in the material cause, the substrate of interacting (the condition). Wood of the Chair causa mover the moving cause also: causa motiva. Causa techne skilled craftsmen. Causa episteme skills awareness. Source:, excerpt In connection with causa established some theorems: causa preacedit effectum the cause precedes the effect. Causa est potior causato the cause has more being effective. Causa posita ponitur causatum with the cause, the effect is used. Causa causae est etiam causa causati which cause of a cause is the effect of this. Interesting causa cessat effectus a tenet of Scholasticism: with the removal of the cause, the effect disappears.

Network Marketing

1. – The Person who Needs To make money cannot hope to that its business is developed. For more information see CBC. It has expenses that to confront and the pressure of those expenses can cause that mate hurries and its business, their prospectuses, before beginning at least. He is better to look for a work, although it is to average day at the outset, not to feel pressed and to be able to develop its activity without oppression. 2. – The Person who Needs To make Money cannot invest suitably in her business.

She is clearly. It does not have money, and the one that falls in its hands is for paying other more necessary things, like its food, the rent or the letter of its house. This person will put many problems as much to buy his kit of business, like investing in publicity, buying products or to become calling cards. It is certain that our business is very economic, but even so has his initial expenses. She is not free. 3. – The Person who Needs To make Money wants a fast success because she needs those income to cover his needs.

If in the first month she does not secure benefits, she will think that she is not going to be successful, and will leave the equipment quickly. It is logical. The wealth in the network marketing is obtained constructing an equipment for all the life, not only for a month. On the contrary, if you focus in People who Want To make More Money or To change their Style of Life, your results can be much better. The Person who Wants To make More Money already has income, and can buy without problems his kit of business. Frequently Andrew Leiner has said that publicly. Perhaps she is not in a hurry, because their immediate expenses are covered, but is in a labor situation that does not satisfy him. It is possible that she has a good pay, but is ambitious and she wants to advance, to have more income. There is many people winning money, and rather sometimes, but at the cost of a high personal price. They do not see its children, they spend hours in the cloggings, and they cannot enjoy its vacations nor free time. They make money, yes, but its life is not the one that they dream. This group is very interesting. They are right POWERFUL to try a change in its life. They are unsatisfied with its income, their rate of life, and are arranged to learn how to make the things of another form. They can learn to handle a new business for them, where they are able to double or to triple its present income, and in addition to have free time, to be the owners of its future. They are perfect candidates for the Network Marketing. They do not have pressure, they are not in a hurry, they are not drowned by the debts, but they have a fort change desire. And this desire is what you need to be sure that they are member valuable for your equipment. Now you know what type of person is the ideal for your future business. Certainly it has served this lesson to you in the development as your business. If you wish but information: It enters: and recibiras in your email an intensive minicourse related to this subject and much more. Greetings, Tony Matei original Author and source of the article


And then, put it in a museum, the most prominent place. But as long as all lives, no one is free to say that it lives not as it should. In general, poetry – a matter of taste. And the claim that one writes well, and the other – bad, meaningless. Need to become whole, at least in a certain space of the infinite universe, so to claim it. And until you become such a whole – you is limited. And then, are merely its limited and, therefore, subjective opinions. Or, to put it differently, you're articulate their interests.

A simple example: everyone says that, Pushkin – a great poet. I do not think anyone going to challenge this view. But I, somehow, more like the unit. So, if you say you do not know how to write, and you think that you know how – with all the spit on a high tower. ICR contributes greatly to this topic. And write on. The more so, a famous poet said: "This music will be eternal, if I replace the batteries.":) When somebody says too many buzzwords and cites the example of various known and respected names, remember that you have a mind of its own, which is not nearly as good as that that there are others. And no matter whom it is given – a kind of higher absolute or unconscious force of evolution. Or perhaps he is given the absolute, through this evolution itself.

However, every authority and crushes a substitute for your own thoughts. AND it turns out that you live on plants and the rules that you impose on other people who do not have to do with you. Therefore, a person should not be authoritative. And to be only the opinions with which he agrees or not agree. And the people whose opinions he likes or does not like. If to speak about poetry, taking into account the factors of interest and free creativity. What we can say that – was the golden age of poetry, was a silver, bronze – I do not know was or not:) And now we have – the poetry of the sunset. There is still night, nothingness, chaos. But as you know – that in the chaos sometimes happen ordered movement, there are explosions and revolutions are born. Perhaps it will be a new step. And it is another time. When will write poetry machine. Here's a fantastic end. 🙂 Poetry sunset

The Corners

Burst into the heart Good prophetic, I hear the sweet laughter of delirium … As fiercely cherry blossoms – is a pity that only blooms once a year. Who drowse this wicked man, who in the early morning gray shaded the whole world unto himself, filled the house with cold wind? Roars like beast and the loud breathing, his eyes glowing frenzy. Cries of despair does not hear: Strange pain alien to him. Grinned like thunder rumbles, the rain from his mouth flying spittle. On the stone knife sharpening fiercely, flung terrible words.

And there is salvation – everywhere the walls. He with the emptiness came here for. That's it explode with blood veins in my agony, he found it? But the shadow of stubborn sets in last light was gone from the corners. What was striking – the curse dies and hum in my ears. And I save my fate, glass windows in the teeth Hit. At Cancer Research Institute you will find additional information. And he was dying, she broke clear on the seams. …

And is not such a bad weather, and morning, like, nothing. There is no darkness – what luck! In the garden, and a light heart. *** Come true, come true … Rain or snow? All will be forgotten then, Time slizhet trail. Stars at infinity whirling in the darkness. Their radiance of the eternal is not subject to me. Wolves howl to death. Sped drops. Very difficult to overclock your youth snowstorm. Believe it … do not believe in the arcane hour.

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