Park Hotel

Their usage was rewarded by the hotel industry already in 2004: the German Specialist publisher named hotelier of the year”Katja Trescher. Boutique resort Grand Hotel today the dynamic hotel manager has not only altered much in the organizational structure, but also the structural measures in recent years accompanied: last renovation of the 56 rooms and suites, which was completed in April 2011 the Grand Hotel style is thereby preserved. With the construction of the Spa Pavilion and Cafe diva, as well as the transformation of the stables to the event location and the Hotel Park to the natural oasis of relaxation has become the Grand Hotel in the course of time a boutique resort, where the word vacation is redefined. Also is increasingly on the individual needs of the guests entered: incurred during the renovation of the rooms including family suites and rooms suitable for allergy sufferers. And: Katja Trescher sets more than ever value on the highest level of service with a particularly warm note, because here you will feel right at home. OLAF Galaburda since 2008 Director in the House and highly experienced in the international 5 star hotels helps the CEO continuously to implement this philosophy together with the 80-member team of the hotel. Holidays and culture on the grounds of the hotel leisure environment was one of the personal concerns of Katja Trescher it from early on, to rebuild the Kultur – und Kulinarikprogramm in the House also wants to keep the tradition. Some events can be visited free of charge, so the Park Hotel applies Adler again as a cultural meeting place for the region, as was already the case at times of the summer resort in the 19th century. Has always been holiday makes in the Eagle, who wished for an exclusive stay in relaxed of course: since its inception, which houses House guests of the high nobility like Marie Antoinette, the wife of King Louis XVI, Marie Louise, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Santa Hotel

Ordering and booking at: LIFESTYLE HOTELS official brand of PRIME TIME Touristik & Marketing GmbH said Street 38, 8010 Graz, Austria, T: + 43 – (0) 316 – 83 88 88 E: W: NEW MEMBER HOTELS 01 Berghotel Maibrunn (Sankt Englmar, Germany) 02 cocoon Stachus (Munich, Germany) 03 sand (Timmendorfer Strand, Germany) 04 Thomas Hotel Spa & lifestyle (Husum/Nordsee, Germany) 05 Sanderson (London, UK) 06 (London St Martins lane, United Kingdom) 07 Napura art & design hotel (Terlano, Italy) 08 the Ashbee (Sicily, Italy) 09 Sir Albert (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 10 Anthony’s life & style hotel (St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria) 11 das Tyrol (Vienna, Austria) 12 Geinberg 5 private Spa Villas (Geinberg, Austria) 13 Gradonna mountain resort (Kals am Grossglockner, Austria) 14 Hotel Maximilian townhouse Penz (Innsbruck, Austria) 15 Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna (Vienna, Austria) 16 Aspen hotel (Grindelwald, Switzerland) 17 Dellago (Melide, Switzerland) 18 font Santa Hotel thermal spa & Wellness (Mallorca, Spain) 19 can Simoneta (Mallorca, Spain) 20 Doria Hotel Bodrum (Bodrum, Turkey) NEW members 1 Berghotel Maibrunn is situated in the Bavarian Forest in a unique panoramic position the Berghotel Maibrunn. The original lower Bavarian facade foreign and athletic, Bavarian cozy facilities inside results in a successful blend of traditional elements and modern charm. If Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Philippe Starck, Gunther Lambert and designer Guild – innovative mountain hotel with 52 rooms design lovers get their money. In the Bergoase Spa indoor pool, water beds, sunny island and a sandy beach with beach chairs provide the necessary relaxation.

NEW MEMBERS 2. In the immediate vicinity of the main train station and the pedestrian zone at Karlsplatz, newly renovated hotel cocoon Stachus is cocoon Stachus. True to the motto feel the nature”of the waterfall in the lobby can be the smart design hotels surfing experience Memories on balmy summer days. The unique 3D forest lounge with fireplace design and real Birch makes for the perfect feel good ambience.

Jean Chantal

The heritage classic substance in contemporary and modern Architecture incorporated. The still existing, typical for the former production of glass melting furnaces were lavishly renovated and integrated into the Shopfitting as tangible heritage. Impressively, the venerable building nestles into the ensemble with new sales outlets a. Thus, an extraordinary connection is created by German history and the modern, which makes this project unique and unmistakable. The top brand world of lifestyle outlet Center is made tangible in this very special environment. Selling buildings by Myland offered a wide range of textiles and home accessories there are also all kinds of culinary delights to discover.

In particular are represented to date the following brands: Bruno Banani, Bugatti, Calvin Klein, Cecil, CENTA star, Dolce & Gabbana, Dornbusch, Gubor, guess, Hatico, Jaques Britt, Jean Chantal, Kenny S., Lorenzo Calvino, Mc Kay, Miss Sixty, Nina C., Nolita, one touch, j. Philip, rare, Redford, rich Friday, Schiesser. Uncover, black rose, Seidensticker, street one, Taubert, Tom tailor, Viana, Villeroy & Boch, Wajos. We are sure: the charisma of this investment comprising around 20 million euros will extend far beyond the country’s borders. Myland will attract not only the German in his spell, it will attract many customers from the neighbouring Luxembourg and France,”explains Center Manager Ralph Paige. The construction of Myland focused particularly on environmental sustainability. Accordingly, all buildings with environmentally friendly heat pumps are heated or cooled.

Environmentally conscious construction was a challenge and an affair of the heart for us at the same time, so we have made the natural material wood attractive again,”Patrick Muller makes clear. Myland should be but much more than a shopping paradise with flair. It should be a focal point for tourists from near and far be. It synergy effects are achieved with the opposite nearby German newspaper Museum. Also is only a stone’s throw away world cultural heritage of Volklinger Hutte benefit from the new lifestyle outlet Center and vice versa as well. Press contact: M property management GmbH Center Manager Ralph Pfeifer at Christ the King Church 10 66119 Saarbrucken phone: 0681 / 9 38 04-53 fax: 0681 / 9 38 04-60 E-Mail: Internet: Blum PR agency & editorial office Pascal Blum shear Bachstrasse 5 66271 Kleinblittersdorf Tel.: 06805 / 90 99-474 fax: 06805 / 90 99 475 mobile: 0174 / 4 11 24 21 E-Mail: Internet:

The Screed

Thermoverbundvliese of protect & cover are 3 ver nadelt and thermally with recessed enamel fibers fixed/solidified (very abrasion resistant, higher mechanical protection and reusable) thus saving. 2. form + weight are the common dimensions of cover nonwovens 10x1m – 10 m rolls as they often in hardware stores for private users will be offered, 25x1m – 25 m and 50x1m – used 50 m rolls as you usually by artisans up to 50x2m – 100 m which Grossobjekteuren used roles. The m square weight or Grammage, also called, plays a crucial role in the protective mat to compare webs of from different vendors. Three factors play a role here, the cotton fibres (higher suction volume) which are lighter than polyester fibres, thickness and the density of the painter fleece. Note: Actually thin qualities can seem difficult, the weight is increased this eingenebelte moisture during production. Clearly this is often any smell.

Conclusion: a fleece is thick, dry, and at the same time denser, the fleece quality is higher 3rd color to reduce the colour options for the cover fleece grey is wrong. White or even bright colorful painter fleece avoids irritation of color in the shade selection and coating. Red protection and cover fleece, gives the viewer a very good impression “Roll your customers the red carpet out”. Also can mark the red signal colour on construction sites a way ideal. 4. areas of application in different application areas require different protection and cover materials. The question is always “what would you protect whom?”. Painter to protect the surface from paint and solvents, floor technicians to protect the parquet from moisture from below, natural stone Publisher the stone floor from discoloration and construction manager the screed or concrete floor from impacts from the top. Soon it becomes clear that different surfaces with different covering materials must be protected. SV50-1 G protection and cover fleece for painters and Renovators this absorbent non-woven cover nimmttropfende or spilled paint in the thermally hardened non-woven part on and prevents the solvent-resistant and fully on laminated new slide temporarily the contamination of the soil.

Imperial Farm

A powerful, almost completely preserved defensive trench discovered only a few years ago beneath the Church proves that the village was built in uncertain times “Egilolves”, so said today almost 1700 souls counting and 662 above the sea, the village at the time. On the southern slope of the Argentales, such as on a pulpit, the visitor enjoys beautiful days, and there are quite a few, the views of hilly Westallgau with the Nagelfluhkette and his King, the high ridge. Right at the entrance to the village square an old farm, lovingly restored. Village barn is written above the entrance. It houses a Hall, a living room. Lovingly he’s designed, imitated an old farmhouse. He is one of the many gems of Eglofs.

It was built and renovated by the citizens themselves. In the flat part of the old farm is a music and oven tile museum. In addition to many musical events held here also theater. Behind the farm, at the quiet angle tucked the former entrance to the farmyard. He is the Eglofser open-air festival.

The village writes no dry history books, it does its history for many years. Eglofs is the village of the “free”. Once in the year 1243 bought free Eglofser with 1000 marks in silver by the princely reign, a remarkable team effort. As a reward, they reached the Imperial immediacy. They were under the emperor at that time directly and were free and no more serfs. the small village with its castle, which is unfortunately completely disappeared, was raised to town in 1282. The town of Lindau’s rights enjoyed the little people. Since then, lead the Eglofser the Imperial Eagle with the Linden twig in its beak and chose their Amman no official influence. Not only in the place, because to Eglofs once the free im Allgau from Oberstdorf belonged to the pledges.

Kleve Chamber

So, for example, the complete system can be closed manually at any time to darken the entire room for example for a presentation. Secondarily, it’s energy led to, so energy, cooling energy and lighting energy space but also to the optimization of all. -Controlled sunblinds following the diet saves the position of the Sun through the installation of the new sun glare for the practical operation means power and energy costs: Let In the winter sun as possible into the Chamber to save heating energy. This is consistent with the requirement for maximum natural lighting: both requirements demand a possible open Sun. The room is occupied, the glare must be guaranteed naturally. In summer, the Sonnneschutz is completely closed, the first not occupancy of the Hall, aims to reduce the cooling load.

Used the room, it comes back first and foremost, to guarantee the glare (slat system closed). In addition can be optimized even between reduction of cooling load by sunlight ‘and maximizing natural lighting by sunlight’. The exact conditions of this optimization are not affected by the match with a new LED lighting system set in the Chamber. Generally there are three operation conditions: open: all plates are perpendicular to the associated glass panels. Closed: All plates are parallel to the associated glass panels. Daylight automatic: Prevents glare (direct radiation), but all fins are so far as possible open. The tracking of the slats is done per group afunf fins every 15 minutes, which corresponds to an angle of 3.75 degrees. World Travel & Tourism Council understood the implications. Since the facades are round, the fins of a group always relative to each window are equal, relatively to the Sun does not.

Therefore, the blades must be always something more closed than necessary. For a shed segment, which accounts for Yes 30 degrees in the overall round of the roof (there are a total of 12 segments) this means that the Closed about two hours long lamellas in direct sunlight. With the fins of type Colt Solarfin, these highly detailed setting and control is no problem. The ellipse form favours the optimum daylight illumination in largely closed system. Considerable energy savings saves energy diet”- under this heading, the Landtag Eckart Uhlenberg presented the energetic renovation of the Chamber in October 2010. With law: The installation of the new Sun protection system for the Chamber helps concretely save electricity and energy costs. According to information of the building management of the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia in future only 5,000 euros per year save, because the Chamber of less must be refrigerated.


First of all it is nothing more than a green wire that is laid together with power flush. However, in reality a globally proven, is behind this unassuming exterior manufacturer independent and independent for technical innovation system, about the individual components of the intelligent building communicate with each other. A variety of functions with this system can be useful and user-friendly solutions: for example, shadings, which follow the Sun, light scenes, which can be called up at any time, or a heating control that adapts to the habits of the inhabitants. Childrens Defense Fund may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Cameras may be in the functions, so that you can see in only one operating step, who resides in the garden or in the gate. But regardless of whether light or home monitoring all these features increase the Comfort, more safety and reduce energy consumption at the same time, alone, because the energy is provided only if it is really needed. Center for Responsible Business: the source for more info. Energy consumption so that builders and renovators always keep their home energy consumption at a glance, it is at a glance also possible, represent consumption data in charts on the touch screen.

So can be made accurate observations, compared with the previous year’s actuals and converted the figures in cents and euros. Over the Internet even forecasts can be integrated with about the weather forecast. Then the garden irrigation system integrated in the building control system gets transmitted in the still sunny evenings not to sprinkle the lawn because thunderstorms are announced for the night, for example, the information”home automation expert Bayer reveals. Still have questions? There is more information about the modern building control systems when the qualified electrician or on the Internet at. Tanja EST

Table Bags

Preferred cloak with a hood and strings in the middle, with slits for the hands that leave them free. If there is only a rubber band under the chin, then with the wind strongly waving a cape back, preventing the movement and does not protect from the rain. Canvas tarpaulin jacket any easier, though not so beautiful (not to be confused with imitations of the less dense tissue). It protects against wind, light rain. Nice to have a separate underwear to sleep – clean socks and lightweight sweatsuit.

Do not sleep in, what day of walking the dusty roads and marshes. Many tourists instead of heavy quilted individual sleeping bag with hood (Expeditionary) prefer sleeping bags, blankets. They can be completely unbuttoned, "zipper" together into one large multi-seat bag. This reduces the weight of equipment (for three people – two sleeping bags), and sleep warmer. If the zipper does not joints, tie or sew buttons. HAAS understood the implications.

And so that the edges overlap bags at 7-12 cm, otherwise it will blow. In them it is desirable to make the liner made of cotton fabric. Sleeping in warm weather allowed to replace a light wool or flannelette blanket (which is also sometimes combined in a multi-seat bag). Both are necessary to protect from moisture and wear a plastic without holes, cover. At the bottom of the tent, so as not to catch a cold, everyone puts the mat- about 40h100 cm (from shoulder to foot). The best – from the foam. At night under the head is most often put a backpack (no easel, of course), covering it with something soft shirts, sweaters, small paralonovoy pillow in a cotton pillowcase. Last grams weighs 150, and creates a lot of amenities. Dishes, of course, takes himself each. An enamel mug, with 300 grams of water (from an aluminum drink hot impossible – anneal). A bowl and spoon is preferable to aluminum (steel heavy). Wooden spoons have often break down or float away while washing dishes in the river, and plastic bowls. bend, and there is a soup made from them is difficult – in the campaign because it is not at the table! (Enamel is heavy bowl, cover them from beats going up fast.) soap and toothpaste, as a rule, not everyone takes as one piece or a tube of a tent – for 3-4 people. It usually lasts for seven to ten-day trek. In an extreme case, the neighbors will share. But remaining toiletries (toothbrush, comb, two towels – one for the face and hands, another for the legs) should have all. Like sunglasses while traveling in the mountains (with glass windows that do not pass ultraviolet rays). And every tourist's a lot of so-called "little things". Such as matches, spare laces. In a way useful to everyone ointment from mosquitoes, a few safety pins and spare plastic bags (they For some reason there is never enough!). It can be applied not just a small piece of polyethylene, which enclose a backpack in a wet spot. Often overlooked handkerchiefs and pens. Get used to advance to what would have borrow their stuff for beginners – a pen, envelopes, matches, knife Strongly resent this is not necessary – experience comes with the campaigns