Brazil if prepares for fond of 2014, and with the new year it also comes the pantry of the world, an international investment that involves many financial resources that, could better used to take care of the real necessities of the country. In fact, Brazil today does not possess a structure to host the pantry of the world, not if it can invest in better stadiums and leave the poor population to suffer with the lack from education, worthy housing and health in the country. Most strange it is that the government obtains to spend in so little time a richness to construct modern stadiums, using the money that could be being invested of more efficient form in our country, aiming at really our necessities as citizens thus to improve the quality of life of the Brazilians. Brazil does not need circus governing gentlemen and yes of bread to feed the devoid population that persists in our country pantry after pantry..

Economical Light Source

Recently, various publications are increasingly found a mysterious abbreviation EEFL, which bind to bright prospects for illuminated advertising. Let's try to figure out what constitutes a technology EEFL. EEFL is an abbreviation of the English name of lamps External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp, which means' fluorescent lamp with external electrodes. " This underlines the fundamental difference between the lamps EEFL from all previous types of fluorescent lamps, which are used exclusively internal electrodes. (Not to be confused with Kidney Foundation!). The operating principle of fluorescent lamps EEFL based on the emission of light by exciting a plasma, which is located inside the tube lamp, the electric field.

This field formed between the external electrodes, which is not warmed up. EEFL is a new and promising direction in the development of production technology of fluorescent lamps, and their life is about 3 times higher than the term Service of any other fluorescent lamps. The diameter of the tube lamp EEFL is 5 mm or 8 mm (for use in advertising). These compact dimensions allow the use of these lamps in any, even the most confined spaces, such as a narrow room with subway stations and other public places. EEFL lamp can be used inside structures, whose thickness does not exceed 45 mm, differing with the ease of installation. One of the main advantages EEFL lamps is their high cost. Compared with other light sources, these lamps consume approximately 30-60 watts of electricity by 10 units, representing approximately 60% of electricity consumption in other lamps.

In this lamp EEFL exceptionally long life: a term of more than 50,000 hours, which is 5 times longer service life of a fluorescent lamp and 3 times longer service life of any other fluorescent lamps. In all of this during its operation EEFL lamps require virtually no maintenance. When working headlight housing it does not heat up. This is, firstly, fireproof, and secondly, does not lead to deformation of the material to highlight that it used in advertising designs (photographs, film, paper, etc.). Advertising images created by using lamps EEFL, are very bright and colorful, and immediately attracted attention. This has increased the popularity advertising media with lamps EEFL during the various presentations and advertising campaigns, including PR-actions, greatly increasing their effectiveness. Using lamps EEFL is completely safe, because the lamp is protected from high voltage shock effects, abuse, or fire. They are safe in terms of possible electric shock, do not have a negative effect on the eyes man. In addition, the lamp EEFL safe for the environment. All the above advantages lamps EEFL led to wide application in various fields, among which are: interior design room public use (retail space, catering) apartment interior design, advertising promotions of goods and services, lighting of road signs and signs on the roads, in medicine (Backlight screen for viewing images) lights in elevators, in the manufacture of LCD-displays and various types of measuring and test equipment, with lighted structures of large area for different purposes.

Education Funding

Justification: The quarrel on financing of the education becomes one of the main priorities for that they follow the trajectory of this segment and, fight for the quality of the public school, for in such a way, is essential that if it adds financial resources of significant form. A time that the financing determines the power of reach and quality in the education. Of this form, this picture denotes the importance of public politics directed toward the education, where public States, Cities and agencies assume a position of comprometimento with this cause. Center For Responsible Lending oftentimes addresses this issue. Introduction: One of the great challenges faced in the context of the politics of the social inclusion is the education, mainly the basic one, in national scope, offered for the states, cities and Federal District. In 1996, with the institution of the Fundef (Deep of Maintenance and Development of Basic Ensino and of Valuation of the Teaching), this picture would start to move, together with significant alterations in the politics of Brazilian educational financing in the last few decades.

To the ending of its validation, the FUNDEF was substituted by the FUNDEB, that brought new abrangncias complementing and extending deep the previous one. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Neeman Foundation. Development: The MEC describes the FUNDEF of the following form: ' ' Deep of Maintenance and the Development of Basic Ensino and of Valuation of Magistrio (FUNDEF) n. 14 was instituted by the Emendation Constitutional, of September of 1996, and regulated for the Law n. 9,424, of 24 of December of the same year, and for the Decree n 2,264, of June of 1997. The FUNDEF was implanted, national, in 1 of January of 1998, when it started to invigorate the new systematics of redistribution of the resources destined to Ensino Fundamental.' ' Still in accordance with the text of the MEC, ' ' The biggest innovation of the FUNDEF consists of the change of the structure of financing of Basic Ensino in the Country (1 8 series of old 1 degree), when subvincular to this level of education a parcel of the resources constitutionally destined to Education.

On Tour. IPhone Manager

RSP introduces your IT solution “Know & decide” for SAP from the already business suitable for iPhone is now a real Manager tool. On 4, 11 and 17 November 2009 presents the consultancy specialising in SAP, RSP in Cologne, Munich and Berlin their IT solution ‘Know & decide’: distinguished speakers will show you the future of mobile business and its importance for the economic success of the company. Know & decide “the iPhone connects to SAP and makes a real Manager tool with mobile access to the SAP from the already business-capable iPhone now business warehouse and SAP workflows.” Real mobile business by the RSP solution know-how. Now, all reports, such as budget and sales figures, can be currently evaluated and complements the presentations with the latest data. This will be similar to emails on the call to know & decide “from the SAP BW server obtained and stored in the local database of the iPhone as a pdf. At PCRM you will find additional information. Decide. A variety of processes and SAP workflows, such as, for example, invoices, orders, Requests and budget, can be now at any time mobile used and edited.

It can know & decide”even without existing radio link used the data, is stored locally and updated when a wireless connection. More information, as well as the ability to login are under services/know_decide/event / find. About RSP RSP is a renowned, internationally active corporate consulting with focus on SAP. What is special about RSP is that their customers through extremely well each other played competence team care – guaranteeing you a valuable knowledge, considerable cost benefits as well as efficient best business solutions”at the highest level. Headquarters of RSP Unternehmensberatung GmbH is Wiehl, has offices in Berlin, Munich and Nuremberg.

Understanding Identical Twins

It turns out that identical twins can not be just like each other "like two drops of water ', but also mirrored each other. The phenomenon of mirroring of identical (monozygotic) twins is observed approximately twenty-five times out of hundred. PCRM is open to suggestions. Most often, we are talking about the direction of hair growth ('twist' around the top), patterns of fingerprints, oral and dental characteristics (appearance and tooth loss, the shape of the jaw) right or left-handed, the location of birthmarks. Occurs – though rarely – the opposite of the location of internal organs such as heart or liver. On the reasons for the mirroring of identical twins, scientists have no consensus. Usually attributed to mirror the fact that the fertilized egg has divided after the right and left side of the human embryo is already determined. It is also believed that mirror – is a consequence of the later than in most cases, the dividing egg. Center for Responsible Business has firm opinions on the matter.

In cases of conjoined twins mirror effect is often observed, from which it is usually concluded that the 'mirror' twins were a step away from being born as Siamese. Have mirror twins any problems compared to their 'nonspecular' kogllegami? If we do not assume that the mirror helps parents to easily distinguish twins from each other, then no. Another mirror can do a disservice to twin-handed – it will be harder to learn how to tie shoelaces, to keep the tools 'sharpened' by right-handers and perform some other operations. On the other hand, such as mirror twins can be obtained ideal tennis couples. ========== Did you know that …

– The normal duration of pregnancy 39-40 weeks, in the case of twins 36 weeks, 33-34 weeks with a triple, with four 30nedel with five fingers 28-29 weeks. – 18-22% of the twins left-handers (y nebliznetsov this percentage is 10). – Do identical twins – similar EEG. – Science, studying twins – gemellologiya. – Often, the twins talk to each other on non-understandable to surrounding language. This phenomenon is called kriptofaziey.

Alzheimers Disease

Aluminium in drinking water: A risk of Alzheimer’s disease? Every year, about 200,000 people in Germany suffer from this disease. And the incidence of dementia is growing with the increasing life expectancy of the population. It amounts to only about one thousandth, at sixty it is old already at 45 percent. Main charges will be made in addition to the food via the drinking water after drinking water regulation, and the drinking water standards of WHO, EU is a limit of 0.2 mg per liter, which may not be exceeded if the water is to be used as drinking water. This one assumes that only large amounts of aluminum have an impact on our health. But also the small, continuous intake of aluminum leads to a rising concentration of aluminium in the brain and thus to the risk of disease. A study by the Institut national de la sante et de la recherche MEDICALE in Bordeaux documented that already the daily dose of 0.1 mg aluminium restricts our cognitive abilities.

How reliably protect from aluminum in drinking water? The tap water with the water softening before treated and then reverse osmosis is generally prepared for pure, will water. It removes the germs, pesticides, herbicides, hydrocarbons and salinity. Reverse osmosis does but not sufficient protect against aluminum – deposits in the brain. On the contrary. Reverse osmosis water is acidic and not suitable for human consumption, because the nerve-damaging aluminium has the ability to accumulate in the body. Suitability of water in relation to the purification of reading in ppm measured in mS/cm for the detoxification and excretion 0-70 great 0-140 moderately suitable for the detoxification and drainage suitable 70 125 140 250 no longer sufficient for the detoxification and excretion 125 250 250 500 no detoxifying and out-conductive properties more available 250 600 500 1200 water can deposit in the body lead to > 600 > 1200 only through a thorough cleaning of the tap water with reverse osmosis, for example with the triwaclean ro, as well as a treatment, for example with the triwaclean stage AquPlus, reaches the purified water a pH of 9-9.5. Thus, it neutralizes the excess acids in the body and the aluminum can no longer accumulate.

What Should You Keep In Mind The Dog Box -?

Who needs the dog box – and what should you consider? Man’s best friend is undoubtedly the dog and mostly the dog accompanied its owner during the holiday. In flight or boat trips, the dog must be transported but often in a crate. The dog box is so to speak the travel cabin of the dog. The travel, until you arrive at your vacation destination, are sometimes long. Therefore it is already almost by itself, that the crate must meet some basic criteria, the dog can feel reasonably comfortable.

The most important, which must meet a dog box, is the size. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PCRM. Depending on the size of the animal, the dog box must have a corresponding size. While the dog not be wedged and should turn yet, so he must not remain in the same position the whole time. In addition, the entire box should be robustly designed because it must withstand impact in use. Inside should be sure that the floor made of a good material is, which likewise has down cold and heat, so the air inside the box remains stable and the dog does not cool off or gets heat stroke but. Also should be easy to clean dog crates. Therefore, firmly built material deposits, which are not removable, should be avoided. Also bars forming the side walls are ideal.

They allow the dog, that he go outside can see and feel too constricted in his crate. Of course, also a continuous air supply for the animals is guaranteed. Of course you should look for when these bars also, that these are processed correctly, i.e. could no sharp edges where the dog injured and that they are neither too close nor too far apart. All in all: in the dog box you should pay attention to a good quality, so that the travel for the dog does not become the absolute agony.


Quality tires from Dunlop choice without profile nix los! It is long since known experts in the tire scene. The tread depth plays a significant role with regard to the safety of the car. In particular in paragraphs grip and braking distance. Accordingly, it has the legislature minimum tread depth. Summer tyre is 1.6 mm. Nevertheless caution is already announced. We want to explain why.In principle is this value actually too low, because not equal worn tires show de facto different readings.

You should therefore measure tread depth at the most wacky point of the tire. There are corresponding measuring instruments such as, for example, the tread depth gauge or the caliper or taking just 1 euro coin. You put it vertically in the middle of the tire at the certain mark, you know that the tire depth thus measured 3 mm is strong. With a 2-euro coin, one has a profile depth of 4 mm. The following rule applies: 75% of the full width of the tyres must legally prescribed minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm show.To be on the safe side, you should wait for never the allowed minimum depth of 1.6 mm is reached, because worn tires can be quickly bad experiences such as the dreaded hydroplaning. The water drains out properly, swims up the vehicle, lost control of the vehicle with safety. You can prevent this by early tyre change – even at much higher values than the allowed 1.6 mm.

You need to know: reduces the braking distance around half on wet surfaces, use a tyre with a 8 mm full profile, compared with a 1.6 mm tread! You should so do not save at the wrong end. New tyres vouch with their profile for safe driving, are saving fuel, drive down through the optimized profile block arrangement that reduced tyre rolling noise. All progress is: security for the driver is always in the first place. The right tire with the maximum profile depth contributes significantly to this security. Julia Sandor

Car Lot Just Today

The rental car online is easier, faster and cheaper! You go on vacation? Or is it a business trip? Are you planning an ansgedehnten holiday in the distance? Or would you take a city trip? Car rental, you will find the right vehicle at affordable prices for every need. Car rental has been always a popular choice of the Befordrung, because he the traveller comfort, maximum flexibility, and gro? selection makes available. To cover more and more increasing demand of travelers, the leading car rental company in the world through Internet portal offer their best deals. Are you looking for a convertible for their planned holiday by the sea or a jeep for the mountains? Would be picked you quickly from the airport; a comfortable saloon with chauffeur have, or a city trip with a suitable car, or search for an RV for a comfortable travel with friends or family? Car rental cover every desire for mobility and individuality! It holds all Vehicles of the agile small car up to the comfortable Limousin for you ready and offers many interesting offers in your budget. Dr. Neal Barnard: the source for more info. Rent your dream – car online fast! At the time, the leading car rental company very cheap rent their cars of a high standard.

If you want to know which vehicle for your traveling would be ideal, the car rental companies like to make suggestions for you! You tell them also the information on best deals. It depends on whether you take short or long trips. Certainly will find something for yourself! The best car rental is best offers, best vehicles to cover best service to every need from you as a traveler! Car rental is now quite simply, as the great? th car rental companies rent their cars online. When you make the car rental on the Web portal, get better Rebatte! The rental car online is easier, faster and cheaper! Johnsmiths, Hertz UK


Mette vester is the firm uberzeugung that the experience of a painting should be dedicated to the Beschauern, and that the experience be individually, according to who and look at the painting. The Danish artist Mette Vester is firmly convinced that the experience of a painting should be dedicated to the Beschauern, and that the experience be individually, according to who and look at the painting. Arise in the paintings by Mette intended as well as unintended subjects that cheer up the Beschauern to to discover ever new motifs in the painting. Since 1998, Mette Vester has painted and built up by their experience with the painting and their personal point of view of the painting and its history. As a painter, Mette is in their paintings by colors, patterns, figures and inspired designs. The colors and their mutual game ‘ Guide ‘ mass, when she paints.

Mette’s paintings are often color-saturated. Through the years, the Mette took running lessons, courses at skolen for Kunst og design (School of art and design) and courses of different,. Danish artists participated. When Mette paints enjoys to develop them, to try out new techniques and to challenge themselves. In your opinion it is always instructive and rewarding to see things from a different perspective and do not always things as usual.

The painting process is this exciting. Mette applies various techniques depending on the desired expression of paintings. Mette applies mainly acrylic paint, and combined them with spray, sand, chalk, text and often a large amount of water with the colors. Find under de / more info about the artist and her paintings.

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