your skin closely. the illuminations of our time? Skin close and experimental poetry and prose will be the hand is published the second straight in the Culex publishing your skin close. (ISBN 978-3-942003-00-1) by Philipp Balasubramanyam. His linguistic still life revolve around proximity and distance, the marshes and the stars to schminkende against their tears on mothers in hotel rooms with peeling wallpaper, to dolls, who want roots just no people on the bridge and to a world that no longer know whether it is the front or back of the mirror… your skin close. “in all its absurdity and secrecy is nothing else than the confusing time witnesses report of an observer of who has decided his personal sense of the world in words to words that seem to be missing us often touch when we no longer understand the world. your skin close. “only raises the question, whether it is at all to understand.

Currently the young artist with his new Programme language tracks. on the stage to see he is also with the singer and poet Chris Goellnitz (including the beautiful disease, Birdmachine and artwork ), to the joint performance of poetry surreal Sousreal on the stage to bring. Genre – and style-across, yet always with an experimental, lyrical and surreal undertone he argues, as he writes charismatic, sincere and touching. Philipp Blomeke belongs with his young age and his writing style of a new generation of poets on, surrounded by globalization, emotional inflation, raised political powerlessness and a constant feeling of being lost in the flood of media and babylonischem mass range and attempts to give a voice that should be written not only in water. This generation is constantly searching, trying to find something Crouching among fast-food chains, crises and diplomatic speeches for which it is worth to write.

There is info & excerpts below. your skin close. is as well as be the predecessor in me babylon. (ISBN 978-3-981176-82-7) from any bookstore or see. Michaela p by the Culex – Verlag.