A Mystery Of Silent Sounds

Carmen Mayer dispenses with gunfights and car chases in their new published thriller ‘ICEWINE’, but not on research and realism. The Commissioners Braunagel and black work while engaged, not but spectacular. CBC contributes greatly to this topic. Investigation methods and procedures in the crime of ice wine are as faithful to reality”. This author Carmen Mayer has endeavoured to support the Ingolstadt police. “” With success: the notes and feedback were so helpful, that was a crime, which could be taken from the life of the reader to think with “, as the author, and not be expelled by an outrageous act.” As a naked woman body, found with a disfigured face in the forest, raises although puzzles, which dissolve but probably founded in the course of the investigation. The author manages to combine all the loose ends in a wonderful way. The enquiry eludes only Commissioner Braunagel and his penchant for Beehive with coffee. More insight is in the two sequels expect that are in work. “Reader with higher claim to reality can rejoice: ice wine” is now available. “Carmen Mayer: ice wine”, detective story, 156 pages, EUR 10.95 ISBN 978-3-941527-01-0, BOOKSun limited, Hamburg 2009 eiswein.booksun.de