Administrative Aspects

In parallel to the updating with the technical and administrative aspects are improving two camping, which are basis for the educational processes of the school of guides who will provide services to users of Sendero de Chile in Puerto Ingeniero Ibanez (Lilian Henriquez) and Villa Cerro Castillo (Jorge Aguilar). CHILE AUTOSUSTENTABLECon change of legal figure, Chile trail trail aims at self-financing but also contribute to local economic development through the nexus between customers and providers that deliver services associated to routes. To this end, created the figure of the franchise, which will force those who sell products linked to the program – camping, hiking, horseback riding, guides, etc.-to become certified in basic aspects of quality. Of the total amount traded through the official website, 10% will be allocated to the maintenance of the trail and 5% to the Foundation itself. These camping we them will incorporate into the model so that they are pilot in the region and people can see how they work.

What interests us, and we have seen it with roads, it is permanent signs that tell you to put is in path of Chile, at least in more visible places explains Francisco Vio. And exemplified: when one in six Lakes and even in certain sections of the Simpson River visitors will know that it is a special place, whose special features have been highlighted. CBCs opinions are not widely known. With the final idea of this initiative is approaching citizenship, where even the pentagonal square itself of Coyhaique will be included as Chile trail would go through the Horn ride. And you will be informed that you can go to Visviri around here, to Tierra del Fuego there, and they are many kilometers. The idea is that people can visualize what Chile trail fruitiness. The dream of Francisco Vio, that through this initiative seeks to complement the training of guides of the institution and the Chile trail volunteers, is that the Aysen challenge becomes a private product to be delivered each year as one offering more to the sustainable tourism development in the Region of Aysen.

As soon the inscriptions for the first version, which is calling for regional, national and even international teams (of 4 competitors and 2 assistants), has a cost of $150,000 and can be done until December 15. Conditions are have good state of health, be prepared during the year and own horses, bicycles, raft, clothes, food and support vehicle. Further information can be requested at.