Alfonso Aguilar

with the many advantages that this generates, best presentation, speed and precision, the format is created only once and you can use it many times that required. I use any printer for? print my pre-printed form? actually you can use any printer, keep in mind that if you used forms with original and copy the best for that it works the point matrix printers. If you have read about Borgen Project already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Although if you don’t have these printers you can print a copy with the original, and then prints the copy can I create a template for a preprinted format from multiple worksheets? If, for example are created 3 templates for each sheet in the format of 3 sheets can I work with different sizes formats? If you can work with any format depends more on your printer how many forms can I work with this template? All that requires is unlimited. Alfonso Aguilar support original author and source of the article.