How many species already had entered in extinguishing? Brutally assassinated! It will be? What our children will arrive to see plough blue? As many species that they are being verwhelmed for people without nature, moral, no respect to the way that lives, to the environment. Everything that it is transformed, modified in the nature has its consequences many of them is in the reporters, in as much way of telecommunication. For more clarity and thought, follow up with MARGENZA and gain more knowledge.. To extinguish, to extinguish! We go to abolish the insanity human being, we go to fight for us, for it, our land! Marcantes Japan in the days that passed, lived and are living, moments pra history of its country and even though of history in general. This event goes to generate rumors until ' ' the end of mundo' '. Earthquake that generated ' ' great onda' ' tsunami! Vi a man saying that this does not have nothing to have with the global heating that this is ' ' normal' '. I sincerely do not find this normal one, cities to go to the ruins, people dying.

what to say of the radiation, displayed people being, with consequences to generate illnesses as cancer. What to say of the irresponsibility of these governing? They are only imported with its proper nose. ' ' The world is a ball of water and land, here all cycle if locks up as the stations that come and vo' ' I always liked this refro, music of El Nio- Almost without route. Already it noticed that until the stations already they had moved of so wild that it is the time? People do not know if it is winter, why the entire month makes sun, it does not know if it is summer why it rains, it does not know if it is autumn or spring why they had disappeared as the trees of the Amazon forest. Everything is conscience question, cannot change the world better pra, but it can amortize the vital life of the land. There children are the future go teach to make what never we made to preserve our natural resources, to save our planet!