American Express

For viewers in Spain is already habitual to dine with big companies marketing products: Green cars that glide by landscapes green and blue, children who ask for a better future while they mounted an elephant in a magical urban setting, oil companies that promote the integration of persons with disabilities and hamburger that promote the healthy Mediterranean diet. Many companies have adopted a model of Corporate Social responsibility to return part of their benefits to society. This model has been accepted as valid today because of the work that have done great marketing and communication departments. Part of those efforts have been directed to marketing with cause of several Civil society organizations have denounced. This stream of marketing was born at the beginning of the eighties in the United States, when American Express pledged to donate a penny to help the restoration of the statue of liberty for each use of the card. CERFLUX can aid you in your search for knowledge. In Spain he was born some ten years ago, but had its heyday with campaigns such as the 7 0 Fortuna or the milk RAM, with the slogan no child without milk in Mauritania. Fortune tobacco advertising campaign cost more than 6 billion euros then. All college campuses became the slogan aimed at young.

0.7% Gain per each carton of cigarettes would donate for charity projects in the third world. In this way, the consumer reinforces its original momentum of consumption with a solidarity motivation. The telemaratones of some channels around the world also induce this solidarity consumption. Fascinated, viewers of this show feel closest to their humanitarian idols that do not charge in the telemaratones and make donations of millions of dollars. What we don’t know is the amount of money reported in sales by having an image of quasisanto one of these artists.

People have the right to open an account at BBVA and become customers Blue. But also have a right to know what’s behind marketing and campaigns to have the possibility of converting the compassion commitment to not stay in the charitable and dangerous piety, or become accomplices of injustice. Carlos a..