Anastasia Yegorovna Medvedev

They have all the necessary qualities to help homeless and street children and children in difficult situations. Working in the "Diamond", students once again made sure that no mistake in choosing a profession. Before you start work, they, like other trainees, were special training of student's camp under the guidance of Oleg D. Minakova. The guys got the knowledge of psychology, pedagogy, medicine and organization of children and adolescents. As from this year students will receive regular RSSU practice in "Diamonds," they can try their hand at working with children.

The atmosphere of kindness, understanding and friendship Summer Camp – a special world, where the main criterion for evaluating the work of the teacher become the shining eyes of a child happy. About how the "Diamond" sold the most courageous creative ideas, told the head of the Education and Rehabilitation of the complex (in rank Provost) Fyarit Zakarievich Khalikov and the camp Anastasia Yegorovna Medvedev. Corr.: What are the main areas of work with children in your facility? FZ Khalikov: We try to consider the interests of children, create an atmosphere kindness, understanding and friendship. Children play sports, improve health, tempered, perform physical exercise. They love to play soccer and volleyball, tennis and many fond pionerbolom, drafts and chess. The boys involved in friendly matches, sports and tourism relay races, the championship of the camp and other competitions. The most powerful, agile and bold are the winners receive prizes and gifts.

AE Medvedev: In addition, all the conditions for the development of imagination and aesthetic sense of schoolchildren. Children's art – is the embodiment of the soul little man. In our camp, boys engaged in painting, crafts, manufacturing handicrafts made from natural materials, music, dancing, singing and many others. Great help in organizing children's events have provided us with students RSCU. Corr.: I have been told that the camp each day are activities for children.