Anna Netrebko Sings In

Gounod’s Faust London Royal Opera House, staged 11.12.2013 Opera Guide. In the Opera House on the River Thames, Charles Gounod’s Faust on stage comes from April 2014. Other leaders such as NHCC offer similar insights. In the elaborate staging of David McVicar the Russian soprano Anna Netrebko, together with the tenor Joseph Calleja and the bass-baritone Bryn Terfel in a cabaret of the hell moves”. Maurizio Benini conducts. Gounod’s Faust not only Goethe’s famous same name seal, but above all the inventive music owes its world fame with her beautiful and catchy melodies.

The Opera to the triple team Faust, Marguerite and its hellish counterpart of Mephistopheles went in 1859 for the first time in scene and soon became a worldwide success, which continues to this day. At the Royal Opera House this work brought a very special tradition: during the years from 1863 to 1911 it was each season on the game plan. David McVicars’s elaborate staging, which celebrated its premiere in 2004, moved the story to Paris, on the eve of the German-French War. “” “Charles Edwards imposing stage a cabaret of hell” as well as an impressive reconstruction are the Church of Saint-Sulpice as a symbol of the ancient struggle between Satanic powers and religion and are the perfect backdrop for Gounod’s score, which holds many musical highlights: the famous chorus of soldiers, Mephistopheles rowdyhafte Aria of the golden calf, Marguerites overwhelming jewels ARIA with its sparkling Koluraturen and the trio in the final scene in which she fights against the temptation and ultimately attained salvation. With Anna Netrebko in the role of Marguerite, Joseph Calleja as Faust and the Welsh bass-baritone Bryn Terfel as Mephistopheles, who is considered the best singer of his profession, the audience expects three top stars who are at home on the most important opera houses of the world. Anna Netrebkos of unmistakable voice and her equally stylish as attractive appearance of the stage brought to the enthusiastic critics Description of the artist as an Audrey Hepburn with a voice”. This musical dream pairing is supplemented by the Royal Opera House Orchestra, conducted by Maurizio Benini. For more information and first-class tickets, selected hotels, and an extensive and friendly travel service, see. Tobias Lind, editorial Opera travel guide