Annette Melvin

Several companies in Germany are already looking for ways how the danger could be averted. A company from Freiberg am Neckar brought a solution on the market, which brings more security. The system of SolarConsult AG basically avoids a dangerous voltage of the PV plant. Differently than usual at solar power systems not many modules in a line are linked up here, that the electrical voltage are summed up then on up to 1000 Volts. In our method, only two photovoltaic modules are connected and connected directly to the inverter. The total voltage is therefore only 70 volts”, says CEO Marten Zotner. And it is safe for the people.” In addition, this solution has other advantages, for example, a generally lower fire risk and long-term yields. That the Tubingen controlled burn down fire building with solar panels, as has been the case elsewhere already, is according to Annette Melvin not planned.

We have discussed the issue internally and also recommendations by the country fire Association. After that, we go.” So far, the scenario for the volunteers from Schramberg luckily is only theory, they never had to move out to a building fire with a photovoltaic system. There are also other examples of East Frisia: Schwerin village, firefighters had controlled burn down a House, and in Rosrath (North Rhine-Westphalia) a firefighter had a strong electric shock suffered, that he had to be treated in the hospital. Because PV systems can not simply be switched off. You can take while in the fire via a switch on the change set from the mains, the modules on the roof but continues to generate electricity and send it through the pipes in the building. Already the Moonlight or light of the fire on a mission would suffice, so that the dangerous high voltage is produced”, Annette Melvin white. By direct sunlight, not to mention.”