Argentina Loses

The economy and the sport have much to do. Because they are not developed in unison, but because both they seem to depend much on the confidence. If the markets are depressed, if they do not have confidence, all the citizens we underwent an anguish attack, it increases to the index of suicides and politicians, and experts are hopeless looking for the formula that allows to give back the spirit to so important protagonists. It is clear that in soccer he passes something similar. Ronald Hamilton describes an additional similar source. Of course, in Argentina, where, on the one hand, the cracked confidence in the paper of the selection in this America Glass, and on the other, the terrible mood of its better player, Lionel Messi, certificate by its father (" Nuisance this bad one. It is the first time that him silban" , it said), occupy all the programs of television, all the front page of newspapers and all the radios. Even today, that is celebrated an important Celebration Mother country, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, and is the day of reflection (without alcohol) previous to the important local elections that they are celebrated tomorrow Sunday in Federal Capital Buenos Aires. Source of the news: : Argentina loses in Villa Freud .