I’m sitting in front of my PC thinking (fundamental action in the law of attraction), in the talk that I had a couple of hours with the person that is responsible for the maintenance of my van, in Argentina we say mechanic, but as I receive many email from different parts of South America, Spain and Canada among others, seems wise the clarification. He is called Mario and is trying to make the law of attraction work favorably in his life, but for now not what is getting. The issue is that Mario began some time ago to perform some exercises that I myself instructed, so I caught my attention that were not working, so I began to interview him doing that I had with luxuries of details that towards, as toward and when it towards. Me the following story: stands all day 5 AM, brushing your teeth and then while breakfast for ten or fifteen minutes, is dedicated to thinking, visualize and try to attract what you want into your life, then stands up, takes his car and turns to face another long day of work, is bothers with a couple of new inexperienced employees, argues with protesters at midday customers is given a time for lunch while watching the news on television knows how bad this country and the world in general, afternoon repeats the action of the morning, to return to their home past the 9 P.M. where he shares dinner with his wife, who takes advantage of having your attention for a moment to tell the problems that also tube she during the day, then go to the bedroom to look at a very well known and successful TV program that has more than twenty years in this country, to finally fall asleep and trying to rest already that morning the story is repeated. It is not my idea to tire with the routine life of my friend Mario, but I found it necessary to mark details of how it develops their day so they will understand the following. PCRM is often quoted on this topic.