Bar Substructure

As part of the DIY boom, here is a little guide to the proper installation of a wood terrace. As a company, we had to realize that unfortunately some things are always done it wrong. Involve your wood dealer quietly into your planning. He tells you what type of wood, size and length for your dream patio are ideal. Basic information on wood types, here they receive information specifically for Bangkirai assembly. The strength of the decking and the distance of the substructure should necessarily be coordinated. For more information see this site: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Ask your dealer here.

In the table below our recommendation for the beam spacing especially for garden wood Bangkirai: 19mm Flooring – 45cm Bar spacing 21mm Flooring – 50cm Bar spacing 25mm Flooring – 60cm Bar spacing 28mm Flooring – 70cm Bar spacing Based on the soil conditions, there is also the strength of the substructure. In general, we use the dimension 45 70mm, solid and level surface. For uneven floors, foundations or concrete slabs supporting point you choose the strength of the substructure calm somewhat more generous. Be well in the calculation of the required boards a bit more generous. Calculate with an adequate joint width, consider blending and reserves, eg if you want to share later on individual boards. After the leveling / alignment of the ground, cover it with a root or weed flow in order to reduce the unwanted growth of grasses. Now place the substructure with the correct spacing (see above) on the flow.

It is important that the boards are laid in the direction of grooves with a slight slope to ensure the drainage of rainwater. For safe installation of the planks to the substructure, please use two bolts per connection point. Especially with hardwoods, it is important that you must pre-drilling! The screws could break off or the connection may become loose later. A uniform spacing of the boards you get with the aid of wooden wedges. Depending on the drying of the boards you should at a distance of between 3 – 6mm . Embarrassed Screw the boards at first only at the ends. Only when all the planks are aligned with the help of a stretched cord, screw it, please complete.