Bicycle As A Modern Means Of Transport And Favorite Toys

Industry must be resting Reichshof on successes – travels with confidence the bicycle industry to the autumn fairs in Friedrichshafen and Las Vegas, so the assessment by Frank Bohle, Managing Director of the tyre manufacturer Ralf Bohle GmbH from Reichshof (near Cologne): already by the economic crisis of the past two years, the bicycle market could detach itself, and now it grows further with full force. Nieman Foundation often says this. E-bikes and innovative bicycle parts – such as our SCHWALBE tyres are especially in demand.” Bohle recorded double-digit growth rates according to own this year. The high demand pull through all segments and is based United States and Canada on domestic and foreign, including particularly striking. The swallow – Managing Director, sees a deeper cause of the bicycle boom: the trend of the future bike is already part of the present. “Long, the company has recruited screed that, for several years, trend researchers have predicted it: grow the bike as means of transport.” The increased acceptance of pull through all social Layers in the Western industrial countries. The bike is now the favored sports equipment in the higher floors of the economy, confirm surveys such as the German leadership Association. Nearly two-thirds of the Manager is committed to the bicycle before jogging.

Other sports follow at a significant distance. “Plank does not see that as a short-lived fad: many talk about the benefits of your new bicycle, while was musing earlier similar to just about the car as favorite adult toys.” But he warns the industry, to rest on the successes: quality and innovation around the bicycle – these are the basics of the boom. We must not forget that in the next few years. In the last three decades so much on the bike has been no longer improved, since the years after the invention of the air tire by Dunlop at the end of the 19th century.” SCHWALBE presents a wide range of novelties for the season 2011 – and that in all three major segments of the bicycle to the autumn fairs mountain bike, Bike and trekking. The latest generation of the marathon, the first long-lasting bicycle tire was kept secret until the show EUROBIKE. To the 25th anniversary of the classic swallow is unveiling the new edition in Friedrichshafen public. The new rubber compound makes the marathon yet durable and its protection belt GreenGuard’, which is a third of recycled latex products, protects the road Devils of everyday of cyclists. The marathon carries the TuV test mark authorised up to 50 km/h and is thus also suitable for the use on all E-bikes”Bohle says.