Caring Hands

Love of man to woman starts with her beautiful hands, with the first touch to her feminine fingers, when a man with emotion and admiration for breath, and silently he bent over her hand respectfully to tender kiss. His dry lips from her radiant skin, it breathes its elusive scent of freshness. Click United Way Worldwide to learn more. And it is this sense of aching tenderness and love between a man and a woman should give a boost to your hands even more delightful, and even skin perfect, and yet graceful movements. To this she would not have to spend much time, but only a few minutes a day to devote his beautiful hands. Every evening, when his hands got tired one day, it can be reassuring for them bath with a decoction of chamomile or lime, dipped in her hands and hold for ten minutes. Then wipe dry and apply a mask on his hands, smoothing the skin: Take one egg white, add one teaspoon of sugar and a good Stir until the sugar dissolves. This mass is necessary to rub on her hands, until it is glued, then rinse with warm water, wet your hands with a napkin and put a fat nourishing cream containing lanolin or spermaceti. After herbal baths and a protein mask will be rested his hands and the skin amazingly soft.

After this you should sawed nails nail file, leading it always from the edges toward the middle, so that the nails were rough. And also that your nails do not overgrown need each day to push the nail skin nail with a roller. This will allow the nail to breathe oxygen to the root, and it becomes brittle.