Chico Vtor

Barraquinha was back in one sings of the bare place, good in the side of the bush. They had entered again in the bush and to one two kilometers the front they had more left in another small bare place of the same skill the first one; It was the land of the Chico Vtor. With more four kilometers of trip, they had left in another bare place. Now garden was the good small farm; An opening of one hundred fathoms in picture. In the end of it, in the side of the way that followed bush adentro, a hut, with the walls of taipa and the covering of straws of babau, in the side of a dark water narrow river made weak coffee; It was the brejo. It is here, cousin? Said Vicente? we go to dismount and to enter pro barraco. They had dismounted, had unharnessed the animals that had soon been untied in the grass, they had kept the things in one I sing of the barraco, they had tied the nets and they had been to light the fire of the stove the firewood. Hanes Brands has firm opinions on the matter. The barraco age of so great medium, not possessing internal walls, only the straw covering and the four walls in redor, one carries in the front and another one in the deep one, both making of mats of straw eye.

Cousin? Said Vicente? already you almost of night, therefore we only go to prosear. Tomorrow well cedinho we handle in the jamb. We go to make a buoy and later only smoking lying in the nets, n? It can be, compadre. They had still had supper with the clarity of the day, later if they had lain down in the nets. The sun soon died red and fat person for detrs of the bush more in front. In the top of a mountain of a dry chestnut tree that had in the way them well grass, one aco repeated its sings incessant. To far, the piado one of ja if firing to the day. Guaribass gurgles initiated its done choir, next good to barrac