Civil Registry

G. To be fair, in the foreclosure process, if desired, in the room the bride a stationary camera, which records all the movements the bride at a time when for her at the entrance there is a serious collision. Then it all sticks together. And you can see the big picture of redemption. 4.

Mini buffet at the bride's parents' blessing (as appropriate), exit to the registrar. – Here everything is clear and without comment. Under the light music, the clink of glasses, parting parents toast of the witnesses. 5. Shooting motorcade – Usually for such an episode, you want personal transportation with very good, I repeat, very good (Pro) driver. Yes, it happens that the transport and fate do not have to dive in a general way to the bus for the guests.

There certainly is not specifically train nasnimali. Big Brothers of America may not feel the same. Since the law of the genre, it is desirable that the head would transport was filmed during the movement from all sides. And riding in the car waved their hands, feet and flowers. But if the machine order and the driver-driver, not the tractor. Clip-tuple will be. 6. Civil Registry – Ooooh! That's it. Most mondrazh at the newlyweds. Most apogee wedding. Musical prelude to the nervous guests a good fit in the plot, preparing the audience for the most demanding stage. Register. Curtain. The only thing is haunted by the question of why some parents feel that their presence in the registry office is contraindicated. Say, "We have so decided." People! Man! I shot a wedding for half the Russian territory.