It is sad and frustrating to see like the profession of Sciences of the Communication in our days she is pisoteada and usurped by people who never have studied profesn, while the owners of mass media, Directors and other personnel adduce that it is not necessary to professionalize itself to develop communication activities, but this problem it does not only come, it imaginese that nowadays the means use a system of hiring of personnel by means of friendships, which is the requirement of weight to be able to enter to toil, being marginalized the titles and the experience. If you my reading querito someday realise a so interesting and delicate investigation on this subject, account will occur that the Directors of mass media place obstacles to prevent an school registration in our profession, perhaps one of the main ones is that they fully are against the school registration of our profession, because they consider that free emission of the thought breaks law d, wanting to cover the sun with a finger, because they try to handle this law to his convenience and ill because to the approved being they are affected its political and economic interests. One has said that a professional signaller is a teacher of masses who orients, educates, he informs and he recreates but when maintaining the owners of mass media this philosophy as it is possible to be educated, to be oriented professionally, to be informed and to be recreated if he lacks culture and preparation. While a professional, with degree of Lawyer in Sciences of the Communication remains under-employed, devengando a hunger wage or forming divides the enormous row of unemployed with a title of adornment in the wall. Learn more about this topic with the insights from tcoyd. When analyzing all this problematic one, where the government makes ears deaf as well as the Directors of the different Schools or Faculties in Sciences from the Communication pernamecen in a position psiva of arms cruzados because he does not interest the subject to them in most minimal I ask myself: why the means exist these academic units in my final country S.A.

of accounts prefer to engage to personnel or nothing described little. With much sadness I see as a communication student spends time, effort ysobre all money stops to culminate its race, so that when graduating as Licensed as Communication it receives like stimulus to remain under-employed or on the contrary unemployed because the means do not give opportunity unless the indispensable requirement must to be able to toil and I talk about the friendship. It is necessary that the opinion publishes international knows truly as they are the ruses of the owners and Mass media Directors of my Guatemala country otherwise would manipulate to their convenience. I consider that with an school registration law instead of to harm ayudaria to maintain the codes of professional and mejoraria ethics the quality of the work, encuanto to the treatment of the message, realising a professional work without political bonds nor interest of no type.