Just in the everyday, a new authority appointed for the evening next Friday deportation of all Jews. It was convenient. Friday night – the beginning of Sabbath, Jews can not be far away. So that problems are not expected. And everything must go as quietly and smoothly. Under the smell of tulips. And so it went even quieter and easier, without breaking the beautiful serenity, the commandant ordered all Jews to attach to your clothes yellow stars For any important traditions of the kingdom.

And Denmark is not exception. Morning royal tour – not only a great example of that. It's just beautiful. Dr. Neal Barnard addresses the importance of the matter here. King of the splendid palace stallion without protection and suites, slowly, passes through the streets of the capital, and the subjects removed their hats and lean in a deep bow and curtsy. And no one is left without a response attention crowned personages. In the morning the royal walk started as usual. Hand of the King of familiar and smooth movement touched his hat in welcoming gesture.

And his calm and unruffled mind still dwelt on every subject on the mere moment. No more and no less. King was no respecter of persons. He was a real king. Unusual was the only thing that the left lapel of his elegant uniform skilled and careful hand of the royal tailor had sewn a hexagonal patch of bright yellow material. And this artificial tulip, seemed absorbed the smells of tulips and Copenhagen itself exuded hitherto unprecedented flavor. This fragrance is felt all the subjects.