Cornerstone Profession For Students Cafe

persolog project of AG supports drugs Remchingen/Pforzheim, April 8, 2009 – the persolog GmbH from Remchingen project student Cafe supports a donation amounting to 1,000 euros”the action community drugs Pforzheim e. V. The student Cafe”is established in cooperation with a major educational institution. It should be a place for high school students, where they are taken seriously with their problems. Problems of young people are as varied as the young people themselves: school, family, drugs, violence, radicalism or bullying are just a few of many. The street team of the AG are daily use drugs, to help young people in tackling these problems. The persolog GmbH, headquartered in Remchingen now supports this work with a donation in the amount of 1,000 euros.

The student Cafe is a future-oriented project. It is nice that we can contribute something, “said Friedbert Gay, Managing Director of the persolog GmbH as an internationally oriented company we have always kept sight of local problems and see us in the duty to help local young people. “The contact is extremely important for the work of the street. But the threshold to seek help, especially with young people often very high. Cafe will be on offer for young people. They can discuss where their problems with the street, they don’t have it but.

We need to create a place of trust, on the young people to be taken, “explains Bernd Schon, team leader outreach of AG drug. as they are Just so we can help that out of the way such as in the drug career again is a way into the company. “Such as the street in Pforzheim, the persolog GmbH would like to support people. The street workers working mainly with young people who are in the process to form their personality. The persolog GmbH with executives and their staff who are interested, her personality more to develop. Ulrich Bischoff persolog GmbH