Corporate Taxes

Winter brings about changes in our plans. There is a need for a trip out of town or in another city of our vast country. Business negotiations with partners in the region or simply outing on skis and need as much time to work on, and then behind the wheel? Yes, and maybe negotiations will lead to a buffet table after a successful completion. Sometimes it will focus on aspects of the upcoming negotiation. On a trip release your brain from stress icy roads for more attention to detail of the forthcoming transaction, rather than improving the skills of extreme driving on ice.

Entrust transport you to professionals. Transportation Company LC-77 for several years on the market has established itself as a reliable partner in business. On the trip you get not just a taxi, and car business class suited for long distance travel and a huge luggage department. But most importantly you get a driver's professional, with experience of driving over a decade, which will become your personal driver for the entire trip. Our drivers can be trusted with their own interests and need to tell it out of a sticky situation, tells where to have lunch or go to the toilet. And do not support obsessive topic of conversation is possible even in a foreign language. By calling (495) 778-3-998 will answer qualified and competent manager who immediately call the cost of travel. Transparent and fixed rates on long-distance taxi around the clock. To date, the TC-77 offers the following types of taxi services: -Long-distance taxi from Moscow to any city in Russia and abroad;, personal car, any car-span at any distance, including service sober driver, taxi to the airport and the meeting at the airport Moscow – Corporate transport service.