The financial insecurity is not easy to concentrate on a project when you think everything has to be paid, the share of the home, car, credit cards and even their children's tuition. Failure to safely receive a check every two weeks creates a terrible vertigo, as we are required to be continually thinking about revenue vrs. Costs, achieve and maintain mental clarity and freshness needed to develop our creative work under these conditions becomes a difficult task because demand on the one hand we think make our work faster and deliver as soon as possible projects and second to be continually looking new projects (making deals, talking with potential customers, etc.) It is necessary that we get to live with this fact and so surpass achieve in our work the wisdom to decide when to translate all of our creativity in a project, when to be more practical, how to handle the execution times with customers, recognize when to stop (tasks not offered) and how to put the customer and collect our fees more effectively, and so on. Pressure And Deadlines Some clients have high expectations, and understandably so. Remember, paying your bills! But it can really be creative when you're under pressure? Some people have no problem with stress and manage to maintain their quality levels balanced, however, is not easy to achieve, that is why we must protect ourselves realistic margins giving us time and not exaggerate the expectations of the work expected. To cover ourselves with enough time to pressure and be self NOT cool when establishing delivery dates, if we believe we can do in two days because it will then say it in three, in this way gain more time both to make a work with the quality we want and at the appropriate speed. This is important to project security to the client, that's the appropriate time to receive a satisfactory job and also we will be asking then no extensions of time, we need to show character and do not always succumb to the pressures of time often make customers without an objective reason. The second is to resist the temptation to inflate expectations for quality of work carried out, if the client is already ours, we do not open your mouth more than necessary to complicate the work or making comments like "we are the best and design will leave no speech is better to show a low profile with a high ability to interpret customer needs and then surprise you with work that took into account all the comments that made us..