My eyes are tired of flickering trees and I began to look forward. Far away on the darkened road hump. Thought: "wally-driver lost something." Tubercle and the bus driver said. He slowed down and took the car at low speed. Left about 100 meters – and suddenly bump stirred, then sat up, alert. What kind of animal? Dog? No! Rather – a cat, but it is very big! Muzzle is round, with a visible ears. Lynx? But no tassels on the ears. This was the Amur forest cat.

Bowl it simply styled "wild cat". Evil beast looked at us (now on his forehead were visible two light parallel stripes, which stretched from the inner corner of eye to the back), quickly twisted and jumped on side of the road and disappeared into the thick forest. Flashed in my head: "Not gone!" While the cat's limbs are rather long, but the beast is not adapted to the movement for more snow: a support area is small clutches, and the body is massive, and walking, when the load on the legs get big, he "buried" in snow. The driver stopped the car. With some difficulty removing the legs from the deep snow, we wandered on the trail of the cat. His body was left in a snow trench. Passed 150 meters – the trace stopped. I knew that the wild cat is free to jump to a height of 2-2,5 m, in addition, he is a great 'spiderman': his legs are equipped with sturdy curved claws that allow him to easily and quickly climb into the trees.