Embassy North American

I understood his anguish, I told him not cared, I motivated to go to the Embassy North American and request a scholarship to AID (American International Development). I did it with confidence, security that would be me. Talk to the responsible of the scholarships, comment you on my situation, did me it fill up all the required documents and told me that it did not guarantee an answer affirmative. I went to where a guy, asked you that he gave me the return ticket to Monterrey and one day he rewarded it is, fortunately did and so I returned to the institution, I spoke with the Chancellor raised him my problem and it allowed me to sign me and everything was on the lookout for the response to my request of scholarship. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Fortunately after two months of starting the course came a notice that the grant was approved, scholarship, which covered all expenses the rest of my career, a very full scholarship, I will never forget this institution, above all, by the confidence that had on me, I turned to her fully and certainly part of my training I owe to this. Definitely appreciate all that my grandfather gave me life, thanks intangible and in order to not leave the tradition of the Vanegas, in honor of his effort, I chose to study law where I graduated, practiced it a time not with excellence as the Vanegas group did as famous criminologists, I did what I could, not shared with the right some irregular things, ethics violations, personal interests, injustice, decided to identify me more with industrial engineering where I have reached big satisfactions. I trust his spirit must be in a place of those who comply with their mission, I have no doubt that this with your mother and mine (his beloved daughter), as well as very close to God you can be assured that I will try in life give my best and contribute my knowledge, helps anyone who demands it…Thank you for helping me in your step by this plane, grandfather already we will see… Original author and source of the article.. Filed under: Dr. Neal Barnard.