Event Highlight

The event of self-determined life! I WILL! on October 10, 2009 in Frankfurt nearly two decades I am personal peak performance now with the topic. It goes in life namely not so everywhere to be number 1, but that from themselves the personal potentials fully exploit something to make -.” In professional sports, in the private sector and in the life of Christian Bischoff was allowed to learn from many peers and role models. His biggest defeats of life are up today at the same time his greatest teacher. Much learned he has also from the monitoring of people who have done everything wrong in leadership, stress and competition situations, what you can do wrong. All of this experience he is now in his series of events I WILL! I can! I will! “further. The one I want! “The seminar is the first step for you.

It is a full, detailed, interactive, and entertaining about the 15 life/settings for your professional and personal success. Christian Bischoffs goal is that We will be out this day for you not only informative but also entertaining and very inspiring. He invites you on a journey you will never forget one. WOW, I’m still completely amazed and speechless! You not only can arouse emotions, but you put people under your spell! I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I could be at this seminar here! I enjoy the moments to learn from you!” Mrs Bettina Stockigt, Manager, ELIXIA Germany GmbH