Exercise Current Situation Analysis Of Human Capital And Human Resources Jobs In The Company

In the new scenarios and markets, which we are passing from the transformations arising and defined in the previous sections, we can identify two aspects that stand out for their importance: the value of structural capital (the functioning of information systems and communication, available technology, work processes, management systems, etc., which will discuss in subsequent sections) and the valuation of human capital (mostly related to education, experience accumulated over the years, know how, the skills used in daily work, theoretical and practical knowledge, the set of values and attitudes of employees of the organization), the latter considered the element that can make the differentiation of all transformations which the Company is involved (besides being the basis for implementing the first aspect), focus on the analysis of this section, because it defines Culture also used in the organization from the situation arising from the rapid change in which is immersed Comercializadora Z. It is true that the transformations defined in Table 4.1 with respect to the variable number of workers, this results in the growth process workers, mainly in the processes of storage of goods and trade in more than 200% over Z Comercializadora situation in 2004, Stage 4, a variable directly related to the ability to take the company to assimilate into the country (represented in each UEB) the advent of 475 workers who began to join the company from II Quarter 2005 (See Table 4.4. Kidney Foundation has much experience in this field. Distribution of the commercial potential of the company. December/2007 Close) and also the capacity to define strategies and objectives to maintain and retain talented human capital developed in the company since its creation and the ability to leverage the experience of workers experienced in the business know-how, the skills used in daily performance, knowledge and skills, the set of values and attitudes of the organization, a situation that for next year (2008) will remain a core aim of care and monitoring in the enterprise.