Exhibition Stands

All exhibition equipment is theoretically divided into a couple categories on nature of use. The first category – the static display stands for exhibitions. These structures occupy a large part of the leased space, possess great size and mobility. As a rule, being static, they are limited in their application within other events. They are distinguished by unique design project and presentable. Compared with the huge popular on the market today uses the second category – mobile exhibition stands, is a lightweight transportable collapsible design.

They are widely used in advertising that is an essential key to the success of any firm. With the support of mobile exhibition stands was probably not only the positioning of the enterprise market, however, and actively participate in the existence of the industry, which it occupies. Become a notable market participants can exhibitions and presentations that show a potential customer. The best way to achieve recognition is the use of exhibition designs. No mystery what part in presentations and exhibitions creates the positive image of each company. Specifically for this reason, more and more companies eager to participate in those or other events. At first glance, looks like that This requires serious training, yet the use of mobile exhibition stands in quite a few times makes it easy.

Today's mobile exhibition stands are equipped with all indispensable to your company paid for attention. Appearance of the exposition, which must meet the concept of events, creates a first and strong impression in this regard, the firm is obliged to take care of quality exhibition equipment. Choosing a mobile exhibition stands, you get a light and compact equipment that may collect on their own for a few minutes and apply the long term. Exhibition booths are stored in a compact tube or box, which gives opportunity to carry the design from place to place, take on different events, so for example, at the conference. It is very important, especially in the circumstances of modern business, which is characterized by constant trips. Most often on mobile stands are depicted images, logos, photographs, texts that are put on a special material, such as photo paper and are the photo panel design. As far as the image will be qualitative and the brightest, depends rating firms at the exhibition, in this regard, many participants also employ led backlighting. In order to fulfill all of the ideas may combine several types of exhibition equipment within the available space. To date, the most popular mobile exhibition stands of the following types: – Roll Up, and X-Banner Stand – roller banners and exhibition stands – Stands Pop Up – Umbrella type; – Fold Up – frame stand; – Tower-stand – a cylindrical tower – reception and promotional stands – jobs for the workers – Brochure – stands for advertising and printed materials.