Fact Marketing

How do you think, plan, promote a new brand? By developing a new brand, it is important not only to focus on the target audience, but also to plan ways to promote. In this case, we can obtain additional features due to the fact that the design concept of the brand best for advertising media, and the idea fit in perfectly held shares. This will reduce the uncertainty of the expected results, the advertising budget will be more effective. In addition, the developer will support the further development of the brand, combining it with the strategy of promotion. Not we forget the fact that integrated solutions are always cheaper at the expense of purchasing a package of services. Should choose an agency specializing in branding, promoting and supporting the complex, including legal. You said "legal", it's really important? Well, of course! Trademark registration is not only insurance against unscrupulous competitors, but also a strategic investment in the capitalization of the brand.

If we use advertising media, promoting the brand unprotected legally, you can lose them. And not only them but also find that the chosen brand name long ago someone was registered and used. In this case, you can suffer from judicial decisions, losing the right to use the brand, pay a fine … Necessary to consider all possible options. The legal aspect is very important in a complex branding and marketing solutions. What you end solutions Can you give an example? If this is a new brand or building a business, a list of activities to start with the collection of marketing information company, service, target audience, competitive benefits, etc.

"Naming" means the creation of the name. It is the job for the philologist and copywriter. The lawyer will verify the "purity" and the name applied for a trademark registration, if necessary, register a legal entity. Designers will create a visual image of the brand, will form a brand book. Experienced specialists of our company will prepare and launch on time all the available marketing tools. At the disposal of our customers call – center, sms – marketing, internet – promotion, as well as traditional means of media. Department of web-development will offer bold solutions to the establishment and effective operation of your site. SEO-optimization" is another term referring to the promotion of Internet, as you will now be clear and obvious need. Services copywriter to help you become independent from the writing of various texts (slogans, articles, quotations, etc.). When all of these tools involved are coordinated and subordinated to one idea, the results are incredible. You get the identity, visibility, quality support our customers and have every chance to leave far behind all its competitors. Direct-mail, telephone sales, stock holding and even a virtual office will become a reliable pillar of your business. Professional support for your customers can be assured us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have to only focus on the business, showing all their talents. Make the right choice. We are talking about your money!