From Khao Lak To The James Bond Rocks In The Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Thailand BBs natural treasures in the Phang Nga Bay our trip led to the James Bond island in the Bay of Phang Nga, the stunning tropical karst landscape which it so only 2 times on the world gives us, in the Phang Nga Bay in Thailand and Viet Nam. Countless rock pinnacles, seemingly endless mangrove forests and mysterious caves are known for this tropical region in Thailand. The Phang Nga Bay with its over 100 strikingly bizarre shaped limestone rocks, covered by trees and shrubs that anchor themselves with their roots on the bare rock and blow up the rock, is always worth a visit. The James Bond is just one of the many attractions in this exciting landscape of the karst rocks. The Karsts of the cone all together form a sensational natural scenery, should be not be missed in the area of Khao Lak, Phuket and Krabi.

The highlights of an absolutely magnificent panorama waiting for us during our transfers s our route through the magnificent scenery of Phang Nga took us by boat along the meandering rivers, through the “Snake Mangrovendschungel over at the huge limestone cliffs to our first highlight James Bond island”, the island with the striking finger of rock. The James Bond rocks is 22 m high and has a diameter of 4 m. “Famous is this by the James Bond film the man with the Golden gun Roger Moore”. We made a canoe station with a typical original Longtail boat. The experienced Paddelguides navigated us through a mysterious labyrinth of caves and grottoes. Light and shadow, left this landscape with an incredible magic. We discovered the spectacular cliffs, stalactites and collapse dolines and enjoyed the ride through the powerful karst landscape. It was really exciting as our paddle guide on a narrow cave entrance was heading toward and we us flat had to canoe to join our long noses not on the rocks.