Graciela Silvia Cueto

Small children, who will grow fast. Be journey of pleasure to different places in Europe and in every place be pending if the aforesaid called or not. After that healed the bad love, you feel admired and grieved. Because the bad love heals. And, luckily, it dies. And then you would like to return to that past age. For example, me I would like to return to be with Grandma, i.e.

go to a past where you could enjoy his presence and not be aware of the call in I don’t remember who. That I understand you, because I have lived many lives in a life. And surely you atendere and we will ask that you can pass. But more nothing I think help you regain yourself. To rescue you from this uncertainty and regain your self-esteem. Why nobody has because expect calls from anyone.

If people don’t call, it is not good for your life to waste time waiting. The time is now. And we must try to be as happy as possible. And you’re your Center. Maria Laura, commented wisely, something learned from his own experience: causes of suffering may be out, but I can’t choose to feel pain or I would not that you were like my friend Norita, who dedicate this note she not wondered only, with anxiety, yes he will call it. In addition, interrogates himself, if not sweet waiting involves suffering. Arises, also what kind of person is the cause of your expectation.Therefore, many times, we hope the call which will be our ruin. The thief of dreams and illusions. There are, there are BA Graciela Silvia Cueto original author and source of the article.