Guide To Cuba

To immerse yourself in the tropical atmosphere of a Cuba of the 1950s. If you would like to know more then you should visit PCRM. Among American automobiles, smoky bars in Havana, the effect is ensured. By its fantastic sea. Cuba offers about six thousand kilometres of splendid Caribbean coast, with beaches and cliffs for all tastes. By the hospitality of the people, not always interested like make believe. The Cubans are a town full of joie de vivre that loves to find abroad, even if only to exchange ideas. Smoking more good cigars in the world, hand-made with the leaves of low return. You can attend in addition to the preparation craft of tobacco in a factory or maybe inside any of its big hotels, where they are exhibited in festivals, authentic preparations by artists from tobacco.

To scroll through the town of Hemingway, American writer who lived on the island from 1939 to 1961 and where he writes some of his romances. DATA geographical located at sea Caribbean, Cuba, with a length of about 1200 km and a surface of 110.860 km., is the largest island of the older Antilla. It lies close to 200 km. of the island Keys and is very close to Mexico of Yucatan peninsula in and the island of Hispaniola. More the main island, the Cuban Republic comprises the Islands and islets that surround it. Much of the Cuban coast is low and Sandy, with numerous bays and areas of lagoons and swamps. Its interior is of plains, interrupted by the main relief of the Sierra de los Organos to the West, the Sierra del Escambray to the Center and the Sierra Maestra mountains to the East. Its population is about 11 million inhabitants. Timezone: – 6.0 (summer); -6.0 (winter) duration of days 13.5 hours (June); minimum 11.0 hours (December) when go period best: February, March good period: January, April, December worst period: September, October weather dry season which is naturally the best period to go, begins in late October and ends in April.