Hindu Confederation Conference

All this is real and easy to check, just have to meet him and hear him. Swami Tilak was the same condition. He has participated in numerous activities organized by Hindu institutions as the Benares Sanskrit University. He is a member of the World Board of the VHP – Vishva Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Confederation) – headquartered in New Delhi, and is a member of the Council of Directors world of the World Hindu Federation, sponsored by the King of Nepal, his Majesty Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, with headquarters in Kathmandu; As a member of the European theological Committee and the Commission for the dissemination of the Dharma of the VHP. It has promoted and advised creation programmes and establishment of the first school in the world of Vedic studies for Westerners in Katmandhu, Nepal. It is a member of honour of the Honourable Hindu Acharya Samiti Kawaii (United States) and Shri Lanka (Hindu teachers society), Member of the Brahmana International Organization of Hyderabad (India) and the Lion Rotary Club in Lalcarwaza in Hyderabad (India).

He participated in the Conference World Hindu in Kathmandu, at the World Conference on religions Indostanicas of Los Angeles, at the World Conference on religions Indostanicas of Amsterdam, at the Conference of Hindu communities in Europe Copenhagen, in the National Congress of the Yoga Teachers Association of Spain in Zaragoza, among other many participations in numerous events, developing workshops at congresses, symposium, etc. It has also developed numerous presentations and discussions, serves as an example the National Conference of India entrepreneurs in the Bombay Chamber of Commerce. In Japan, enjoyed resounding enthusiasm of the Japanese teaching numerous courses, lectures and meetings in one of the most relevant Buddhist organizations of the country called Kofu kuno ka gaku, in the cities of Matsumoto, Fukui-Ken, Kyoto and at the Centre of health of Maha-Yoga, Academy of Shira Kawa Masako in Tokyo and Matsumoto.