Home Repairs

The word immediately conjures masonry in our mind a great work that needs to use only large companies with architects, builders and professionals. And if it is a simple repair or reform at home is still more complicated. This tends to scare some fans, so, after many reforms to be doing in Tenerife want to share a few tips and tricks with people trying to be what fashion is today a good husband for hours and want to show off to his family in a professional in the work. In reality, the small repairs and improvements can make a good handyman Subparagraph taking into account several factors: 1 .- To know the properties of materials and the proportions of each to be used as mortars, cements, aggregates, blocks etc. . Depending on the climate zone used materials with different properties such as in the peninsula and the brick used in the Canary Islands used the block of concrete. The ambient temperature influences the choice of additives used to prepare and mortar because it affects the lifetime of the mixture, to speak more clearly the time for hardening concrete. A handyman should be well informed to avoid wasting material by improper use of them and not lose, therefore, unexpected money.

2 .- Learn to plan the renovation or repair including making a sketch, make estimates of materials. Once the sketch, we began to make the calculation of the necessary materials taking into account measures of repairs or alterations that we make. When we measure is important to take into account their performance in order not to unnecessary costs and also consider a certain degree of wear of materials. A handyman should be set at the manufacturer of the products. 3 .- Have information on developments in the market of the territory where we are. Nancy Lublin addresses the importance of the matter here. There are endless varieties of products on the market and hence should be selected according to their qualities, as well as the money we spend on the repair and its readily available in the region where we are to make a long run time of reform. A handyman should be proactive and ensure that the repair does not run due to lack of materials, and avoids wasting time on the comings and goings to the outlets, saving money on travel.