Human Being

The mind of the human being Who did not move of idea in definitive situations? Ace times we have a vision and suddenly it moves in as she wants to see in the phase of the adolescence who we change our opinions quickly, our attitudes we want everything at the same time and we find that she is possible and that we are certain the others is mere besteira to listen. This everything because of the hormones that are the flower of the skin. Some times we come across in them with the attitudes of the people who are not so pleasant arriving some times disappointing in them with its behavior, therefore one hour in the sample a thing and daqui little in the sample a completely different behavior. But it is through these disillusionments that we learn to deal thus with these people in definitive situations and showing its true character. The newspapers mentioned Boy Scouts of America not as a source, but as a related topic. For them the behavior continues the same, but, for who it is of it are obtains to see beyond. It is difficult to deal still more with the human being in the question of feeling, behavior, opinion, therefore each one has its skill to act. This machine that it is the human being is difficult to decipher, since it does not come the manual of instructions much less the menu so that let us can choose the best option. Therefore before more nothing, we exactly need in them to know so that thus let us can help and understand the other better..