Indigenous Poverty

In several countries and cities of America and the world will be remembered and celebrated as usual: the “Discovery of America”, the “Encounter of Two Worlds” or the “Day of race or Hispanic, etc. but for others, who have no voice, will be the remembrance of the eternal return at the commencement of poverty, reduction of death and mourning. For them there is nothing to celebrate. 17 Indian groups, according to others 19 – survive in subhuman conditions in Paraguay and amount to a hundred thousand Indian past (almost 1.5% of the total population). In turn, half of the biases are less than 17 thousand latest members, being the most critical case, that of not passing Chamakoko last 150 people, which, therefore, are in the line of death, in other words, close to a brutal ethnocide. In fact, history can not be changed.

Also, we know very well that it was written much on the issue, but we can not let this tragic date without-at least, make some brief comments on those four words (poverty, reduction, death, mourning). The four words are human conceptions, however, contain ideas and actions totally inhuman systematically applied to indigenous communities today. Today we cross the Paraguay and easily could find without any effort, who are indigenous and those who do not. The simplest indicator is the POVERTY and its various manifestations: Indians forced off their land, begging on the edges of those properties that once belonged to them, or else thousands of indigenous people begging on the streets of urban centers, poorly dressed, exposed heat, cold and rain, with all sorts of diseases, “living on the street” homeless themselves and worthy of human beings eating crap and a lot of them, engaging in prostitution and subjected to alcohol, snuff and drugs.