God I gained a son pretty, who was born loved in our hearts. Very he was loved, is not because he left that he goes to leave of being. Therefore in my heart he will continue alive more of what never, son goes with God, who the arms of God serve you of aconchego and peace, for your new life. You do not abandon in them, that it has the certainty that we never will forget you being the person who you always were here between us. Always with a word friend, it did not have hour and nor sadness that you made to deny a word to who needed, was always ready. He is ready for God as always we were for, follows your way. One day we will find in them to the side of God. You already know what to make, and she will make as we made, we will go to be equal age here. He leaves the hurts and the disillusionments here in the land, he only takes the good things pr next to God, I know that when arrived there, you saw that nastiness was here in the land. He goes with God Is with God. He follows with God EWALD KOCH