Kleve Chamber

So, for example, the complete system can be closed manually at any time to darken the entire room for example for a presentation. Secondarily, it’s energy led to, so energy, cooling energy and lighting energy space but also to the optimization of all. -Controlled sunblinds following the diet saves the position of the Sun through the installation of the new sun glare for the practical operation means power and energy costs: Let In the winter sun as possible into the Chamber to save heating energy. This is consistent with the requirement for maximum natural lighting: both requirements demand a possible open Sun. The room is occupied, the glare must be guaranteed naturally. In summer, the Sonnneschutz is completely closed, the first not occupancy of the Hall, aims to reduce the cooling load.

Used the room, it comes back first and foremost, to guarantee the glare (slat system closed). In addition can be optimized even between reduction of cooling load by sunlight ‘and maximizing natural lighting by sunlight’. The exact conditions of this optimization are not affected by the match with a new LED lighting system set in the Chamber. Generally there are three operation conditions: open: all plates are perpendicular to the associated glass panels. Closed: All plates are parallel to the associated glass panels. Daylight automatic: Prevents glare (direct radiation), but all fins are so far as possible open. The tracking of the slats is done per group afunf fins every 15 minutes, which corresponds to an angle of 3.75 degrees. World Travel & Tourism Council understood the implications. Since the facades are round, the fins of a group always relative to each window are equal, relatively to the Sun does not.

Therefore, the blades must be always something more closed than necessary. For a shed segment, which accounts for Yes 30 degrees in the overall round of the roof (there are a total of 12 segments) this means that the Closed about two hours long lamellas in direct sunlight. With the fins of type Colt Solarfin, these highly detailed setting and control is no problem. The ellipse form favours the optimum daylight illumination in largely closed system. Considerable energy savings saves energy diet”- under this heading, the Landtag Eckart Uhlenberg presented the energetic renovation of the Chamber in October 2010. With law: The installation of the new Sun protection system for the Chamber helps concretely save electricity and energy costs. According to information of the building management of the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia in future only 5,000 euros per year save, because the Chamber of less must be refrigerated.