Lido Venice Day

March is also the starting point for a new period of observation, in which the better temperatures allow us to spend the nights under the stars. On the occasion of this return, the Association of the Venetian star lovers organized some interesting events in the Planetarium of the Lido of Venice, which are not to be missed, if you love the star or are curious to discover this fascinating world. The cycle begins on the first Sunday in March with the lecture the orientation of the medieval churches in Venice and Veneto”with the archaeologist and writer Eva Spinazze. As in other religions, the sunset is a point of reference, also for the Christian Church of the East, where the sun rises, is a symbol of the light of Christ and the resurrection. That’s why many churches which were built or renovated in the middle ages, have the apse to the East. Sunday, March 20, they will celebrate the spring equinox, the moment where the light day and night are the same length, because the Sun is vertically above the Is the Earth’s equator, and the dividing line between light and night zone through the Poland is. This event has left indifferent no peoples in the course of time, and this is an important day for many cultures around the world: this date determines the day of Easter (the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox) in the Christian religion, the beginning of the year in the Iranian calendar, mother’s day in many Arab countries, and many national celebrations in countries such as Japan, Egypt and India. In the past, the Association, which was founded in 1976, has kept interesting opening events at the Planetarium of Lido Venice, like the last year, which was meant to, the representations of heaven, of the peoples over the centuries were prepared to discover and discuss. “Star maps to the observation of the sky: from the first representations to the modern star atlases” was the title of this initiative, which focuses on the most important contributions of the peoples.